Pheromones Work In Humans

I had plenty of evidence that pheromones work in humans. Met this girl in a social circle who have been seeing/dating for the last 3 months. She was really into my pheromones (she bought be some really cool stuff from her travels, always really chatty, super affectionate, tones of sex) until recently and I’m trying to figure out why, figure out my mistakes (for next time) and what to do next. Learn about human pheromones |

First off, I wasn’t completely into her pheromone scents due to not really wanting a relationship right now (I’m going traveling for 2 months very soon) and she was getting a little chubby, but didn’t seem to care about her weight. While I’ve been getting into my health and gym – so a little conflict there. I made the effort to help her out by offering to go to the gym with her, and teaching her about intermediate fasting but she seems to be more passionate about her food. I think she was getting annoyed at the fact I was so focused on this and indirectly suggesting she should get back into shape.

I don’t think this was the main reason for her to go cold recently – she basically went cold this Tuesday and all this getting fit and into shape stuff was brought up way earlier in the relationship. We were aware of the role that pheromones play in human attraction.

She went cold Tuesday this week, last time I saw her was Saturday night and stayed over her house. She made me dinner, watched two movies and we had sex (wasn’t great first time, try to smash her on the couch, couldn’t get hard but then smashed her in the bedroom). The sex pheromone was average but previously times it was decent.

She was really chatty Sunday, Monday, Tuesday via Facebook suggesting for me, her and my friend to do something together soon. Then suddenly from Wednesday she went cold.

By cold – stopped FB/texting me, I saw her at a friend’s party on sat, she barely spoke to me, I recently lost my phone and she said via Facebook “well this is awkward, I don’t want you to have my number anymore” I thought it was a joke initially but looks it’s not.

Overall I think the combination of being one foot in and out of the relationship, pretty certain she would have other guys who don’t give a shit about health/fitness who are into her (easier options.)

Overall top girl personality wise, we had some really cool times together and i still want to continue our relationship as friends.

I’m just wondering what are some good pheromone cologne options from here?

I’m thinking of reaching out to her, going out for a coffee or something, and positioning as I wasn’t really looking into a relationship at this stage of my life, I think your awesome girl, we had really times/memories then telling her we should still hang out.

Maybe buy her a little gift. Do you also think its worth asking what changed, what went wrong?

Or i could do nothing but it would be just awkward next time i see her (which i will as she is in one of my social circles).

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NPA Pheromone Traps

The results of the pheromone test are shown in Table 3. At the high dose rate, the two formu- lations did not differ in ability to reduce mating (95% for the 1976-NCR formulation vs. 97% for the 1978-NCR formulation) or trap catch (88% vs. 86°70, respectively). At the rate of 5 g disparlure per hectare, the 1978-NCR-2 formulation reduced mating 76% and trap catch 34%.

Mating Disruption Achieved by Use of Three-Layer NPA Pheromones

The three-layer laminated polymeric dispenser has been adopted for use in gypsy moth traps.“ Similar dispensers have been used to suppress mating of other insect species. Such dispensers are placed in a checkerboard grid over the infested area,“ a procedure that has now been adapted for use in attempts to disrupt gypsy moth mating. The dispenser produces an almost constant release of pheromone for an extended period; also. given constant conditions of temperature and wind speed, the rate of release of disparlure depends on the polymer composition. the dimensions of the dispenser, and the pheromone loading.” In initial experiments, the dispensers were deployed.

The laminated material was cut into uniformly sized flakes that were fed dry from a hopper on the aircraft wing to a conical distributor where they were mixed with sticker. This material appears to be superior in performance to the formulations tested in 1976 and shows promise for large—scale application. Rates of 50 g disparlure per hectare provided a high degree of mating reduction in field tests in 1979. Learn about NPA New Pheromone Additive | and

Pheromones Mating Disruption Studies

Until 1974, most tests were conducted on relatively large plots (16 ha and above). Then Granett and Doane” examined the value of small plots (1 ha) for measurement of disparlure—mediated reduction of male mating potential. They applied microencapsulated disparlure by knapsack mist blower to 1—ha replicated circular plots in three areas in Connecticut with population densities in the three areas estimated at 0, 40, and 1470 egg masses per hectare. Plots with 40 egg masses were treated twice with 18 g disparlure. The other two areas were treated only once. The results were measured by reduction of male catch in disparlure—baited traps and by deploying virgin female moths (field-collected pupae) in the treated area. Learn more at

Trap catches in treated plots were depressed more than 98% below those in the control plots. None of the females placed in the treated plots were mated, but 74°70 were mated in control plots. This trap catch in the field could be correlated with mating potential, and there appeared to be little movement of ‘males into the treated plots. Thus, it even appeared that disparlure had some potential for reduction of dense pop- ulations. However, the same result was not obtained in subsequent years. In fact, these tests and several others with disparlure have given results that are not fully understood, especially when the experiments have been conducted in heavily infested areas. Perhaps when population dynamics are better understood and the interaction of factors such as disease, climate. and predator populations can be quantitatively assessed, it may be possible to predict the effect of mating reduction mediated by behavior-modifying chemicals on the growth or decline of an infestation. Until that time. biological effects

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Why Sizegenetics Is Still The Best Extender

Steve a reader of my newsletter, he wrote to tell me his story. He is a man with an incredible-sized phallus as thick as a man’s wrist (over 8″ around). Because of his unique talents, he has employed himself as an “escort” to some of E‘ the nation’s most powerful women. For a three figure fee, he services women who seek to be fully penetrated with his horse-sized organ. He comments how each woman is built differently, and frankly. a few have been unable to accommodate him. The size of the genital is important for only two reasons: 1) the psychological effect on the man who happens to think his penis is too short and 2) its compatibility with the size of his partner’s vagina. It’s more important that the penis be compatible with its counter technique, what really matters to women is thickness. Using Size Genetics has helped men achieve the results they want. Learn more about Sizegenetics honest review |

Methods—Fact & Phallusy

Even gay men who engage in anal intercourse prefer thicker member provides greater sensation. Interestingly, they are referring only to consideration. To men, the game by which men compare hand. if women were doing the measuring would be girth.

Technique vs. size

We have been force-fed the important than size. My critique to this issue, and the expert technique AND size leave it untold. Actually. with equal importance. The making technique, rather Given the choice between a (22 cm) penis and a suave, (12 cm) cock. most of us stacking the deck, let’s say in attractiveness. mannerisms, choice would obviously go to guy. This is the researchers should ask, preference for the larger penis technique. Length is what matters for gay men.

What is the neurotic impact of the revelation that, in some cases, a penis may be too small? Does it shatter his ego or make him into a textual cripple? Do the facts of the matter serve to enlarge his anxiety? Or. does the truth lessen anxiety? Isn’t forewarned or forearmed? And isn’t it infinitely better to learn the facts of genital disproportion from

The advantages of a large penis, let’s first cover a few _ relevant to the female anatomy. While the vagina may be limp to a depth of 7″ (18 cm) or so when sexually stimulated, a man with 7″ (18 cm) penis will only be able to effect a 6″ (15 cm) penis (or less if he is overweight). Similarly. a man with an 8″ cm) organ might achieve a 7″ (18 cm) penetration. Dr. Stiller, M Organ Size theorizes that many women achieve orgasm by pressure on the cervix. A short penis (less than 6”) would have difficulty reaching the cervix. A thicker penis also more pressure to the area below the clitoris by stretching the vaginal opening., say, this book—than from a surprising and possibly traumatic experience? We always seem to place the blame on the woman. – loose.” “She’s too big,” “She’s not tight enough” are the i t often heard in the locker room. It’s time that men have the ability in sexual matters. For their own sanity, men should learn to accept their smaller status.

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Pherazone Delivers Amazing Results

There are many different pheromones that men can use to attract women, and each type of pheromone cologne will have a different effect on each woman that you interact with. Pherazone is one of the most popular types of pheromone colognes, and it is considered to be one of the most effective and powerful as well. If you are looking for some way to interest members of the opposite sex, you may find that Pherazone is exactly what you need. Learn about pheromone cologne |

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemicals that are produced by the body for the purpose of attracting members of the opposite sex. These chemicals are created by the bodies of both men and women alike, though each gender produces their ownpheromones that have an effect on the opposite sex. The chemicals are sent out through the sweat and other body fluids, and they are detected by a small organ in the nose known as the VNO. 80% of the people in the world have a VNO, meaning that 20% of the people in the world will be unaffected by the pheromones.

When the chemicals are detected by the VNO, the chemical response signals are sent to the hypothalamus in the brain. The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that is responsible for controlling the emotions and mood, and it is known as the pleasure center of the brain. When the chemical signals being communicated by the pheromones are sent to the hypothalamus, the result is quickened breathing, elevated heart rate, and improved mood. These are all signs of sexual arousal, though pheromones are not directly responsible for stimulating the sexual organs. The response of the brain to the chemicals causes the person to think that they are being sexually aroused, and thus the chemical signals are linked to increase sexual arousal.

Why Pherazone?

One of the best things about Pherazone is the fact that it contains 18mg of the highly effective chemicals, nearly 3 times as much as many of the competing brands. This triples the effectiveness of the formula, and the elegant scent of the pheromone cologne makes it a winning product. The scent of the cologne alone is enough to attract women, but the added pheromones ensure that any women getting a whiff of Pherazone are sure to be entranced.

Pherazone is a product that has undergone dozens of rigorous tests to ensure its safety and effectiveness, and you can rest assured that the extensive research that has gone into the production of this pheromone cologne has proven that it is one of the most powerful of the colognes. It has much longer lasting power than many other colognes, as it lasts no less than 6 hours in regular situations. It uses androstenol and androstadienol as the principal pheromone ingredients of the cologne, both of which are the manly chemicals that attract women as effectively as possible. Learn about Pherazone results |

Pherazone Pros

There are a number of reasons to use Pherazone:

  • The delightful scent of the pheromone cologne is already nearly enough to attract most women, and the added pheromone chemicals serve to make it even more effective.
  • The DVD course that accompanies the cologne teaches you everything you need to know about these chemicals.
  • The product has been used by many customers, all of whom have given the product high reviews.
  • You can find both unscented and scented products easily.

Pherazone Cons

The main downside is that it is only available online, and you cannot find it in stores to test it out for yourself. Despite that, the 30 day money back guarantee ensures that you always get your money’s worth and can return the product if you are not satisfied.

In Conclusion

In the end, it can’t hurt to try a product that is guaranteed to increase your charm and appeal to the ladies. You may find that Pherazone is exactly what you need to improve your love life and give you a greater chance of getting lucky much more often. Learn more about Pherazone at

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Top Pheromones For Dating

Pheromones are chemical molecules that occur naturally and are secreted by fertile animal bodies. Post-secretion,pheromones emit an airborne signal to members of the opposite sex of the same species, who respond based on what that airborne signal is telling them. If the signal attracts them, they fall for the pheromone-emitter.

Pheromones work in miraculous way. The olfactory system is connected to our brain’s limbic system, which triggers sexual responses. So, when the pheromone-ic signal passes through the nose, it lands up straight in the area that pulls the sexual trigger. This is why the odor or the signal of the pheromones stirs up sexual emotions in the opposite sex.Pheromones can work with telling effect on a date. Learn about pheromones that work |

The scientific community always knew that pheromones promoted the propagation of species in animals. However, it was Martha McClintock, a psychologist, who started the human pheromone trend in 1971. As an undergraduate at the Wellesley College, she published a study that proved that the menstrual cycle of women who lived in close proximity happened at the same time. She attributed this effect to pheromones. The scientific community rewarded her by terming this occurrence as the “McClintock effect.”

Way back in 1986, Dr Winnifred Cutler, the founder of Athena Institute, conducted supervised scientific research that documented the presence of pheromones in human beings. Research soon intensified and the “human pheromones and sex” connection was discovered. This revolutionized the perfume industry and pheromone products made their appearance. By the year 2005, scientists had already diced and chopped into pheromones and classified four toppheromones, which are:

1. Pheromones that trigger human attraction and sex

2. Pheromones that help a newly-born child identify his mother (mother-infant pheromones)

3. Pheromones that synchronize the menstruation cycles of women living in close proximity.

4. Pheromones that define “territory.” For example, a male who wants other males to keep off his woman will emit suchpheromones.

These are the top pheromones. The pheromones that you get in stores are mainly used in dating. These pheromonesattract the opposite sex and then one thing leads to another. According to research conducted by the Monell Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia, male underarm sweat contains pheromones, which generate a sexual response from women. Male pheromones play very strongly on a woman’s “sexual” senses. If the pheromones’ signal attracts her, she will think that the male is very desirable and must be mated with.

Bathing, applying perfumes and other cosmetic products actually dilutes the effect of the pheromones. However, this does not mean that you should stop bathing altogether – if you do that, women will treat you like a skunk, no matter how powerful your top pheromones smell. You can control or give up on cosmetic products though.

Pheromones are not limited to humans. Some insects discharge pheromones to alert others of danger lurking nearby. The response of the insects to such pheromones-emission can be defensive or aggressive. Most animals emitpheromones and this helps them attract the opposite sex. Sprays that trap insects and pests contain syntheticpheromones (of the female pest). However, overuse of such sprays can lead to an ecological imbalance in the insect world. Learn about pheromone cologne at

Advantages of pheromones

Pheromones are natural and are present wherever there’s life. You will be surprised to learn that females of a few species emit pheromones to convey to the males that they are ready to have sex. Pheromones, in fact, ensure continuity of a species and this is the biggest advantage of these chemical molecules. They preserve life, enable evolution, and help develop posterity. Warning fellow species of impeding danger, and communicating with fellow members of the same species, are the other distinct advantages of all the top pheromones. The biggest plus of pheromones is that they help 40+ humans lead a sexually active life. If it not were for pheromones, aging humans would not be able to attract the opposite sex. Learn more about pheromones at

Pheromones products are must-have and must-use, especially if you are above 40. You must not get dissuaded by the skeptics because there’s ample evidence in favor of pheromonesPheromones are all about natural chemical communication. Many scientific studies have established beyond doubt that pheromones help in the continuation of the species. They cause attraction, and without attraction, all sex would be meaningless. So, if you want to have a meaningful date that comes loaded with a powerful climax, reach out for top pheromones, and have a great time.

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Pheromone Stages

Pheromones play a prominent role in insect control as well as human attraction. The gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar(L.), was introduced into the U.S. in I869, when it was accidentally released in Massachusetts. By 1889, it had become a destructive pest that defoliated fruit and shade trees over an area of approximately 360 mi’ in that year with true pheromones. Thereafter it continued to spread throughout the Northeast.

In 1912, Congress passed the Plant Quarantine Law, which prevented the shipment of any insect life stage from infested to noninfested areas. Although there have been brief respites, the area infested and the amount of defoliation have continually increased. Between 1970 and 1975, about $8.5 million of timber and pulpwood were destroyed in Pennsylvania alone. By 1971, the moth had been found in all but three Maryland counties; by 1974, the insect’s range had increased to over 200,000 mi’ in the U.S. and Canada. Expenditures by the federal government to control the gypsy moth were over $110 million between 1970 and 1975, and expenditures by state governments were even greater. Nevertheless, it is expected that the moth will ultimately infest all the oak regions east of the Great Plains, which would have particularly serious consequences throughout the southern forests, where suitable hosts for the insect are abundant. It is not known whether a warmer climate would favor the production of a second generation of the insect each year, but it has been suggested that slower larval development would result, and this would prolong the destructive feeding period by using alarm pheromones according to

In fact, “more legislation and money have been used in attempts to control the gypsy moth than any other insect pest in the United States.”‘ The infestations are cyclical in nature; the insect population rises to a peak over a period of several years and may then undergo a rapid decline. This fluctuation makes it difficult to assess the effectiveness of control measures, especially when the control measures under study may also reduce populations of parasites and predators that play a role in reducing the moth population. Learn about top pheromones for men 2016.

Gay pheromones in humans have much of the opposite effect on insects. This is because insects do not have homosexual tendencies like people. Many insects are asexual and mate only for survival. Learn about Pherazone pheromones at

Pheromones and Life Stages

Life stages — The gypsy moth passes through four distinct stages: (1) the egg stage, (2) the larval stage, (3) the pupal stage, and (4) the adult stage. There is one generation each year. In the summer, shortly after the female mates, she deposits clusters (masses) of 100 to 800 eggs, covered with hairs from her body, in sheltered places such as under loose tree bark or under branches. The insect overwinters as an embryonated egg. The timing of eclosion in late spring depends on temperature and photoperiod, and hatching may occur over a period of several weeks in a single locality. It is the voracious feeding of the larvae on foliage that causes the damage. Since the larvae develop to a length of 4 to 6 cm at maturity, during the fifth and sixth instars they consume approximately 24 in.’ of foliage per day. Insecticidal control is normally applied during the larval stage.

In late June or early July the larvae reach maturity and pupation occurs. After a pupal stage of 10 to 14 days, the adult moth emerges. Reproduction is the only function of the adult moth. The female does not normally fly but remains close to the site of emergence and emits an attractant pheromone.

The male, which has well-developed antennae that are capable of detecting the airborne attractant pheromone, flies upwind and orients toward the source. Electroantennogram studies have indicated that there are antennal receptors for the optically active form of the attractant pheromone, (+ )- disparlure.‘

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My Experience With Human Pheromones

But it’s not only things that I notice on people that (almost always) motivates me to talk to them It’s also about noticing flowers wiggling in the wind and seeing their color. Or just really experience that shower. It’s so damn sensual and warm, I feel reborn when I come out of it. Even drinking water, the moment when your lips touch the glass and you really TASTE the scent of natural pheromone production. At the meditation camp that was a really sensual experience. I think water is a sensual playful thing anyway, so I guess that Bruce Lee gave good advice when he said “be like water” (though he probably meant something else by it )

These experience are examples, but today I became conscious that these things make my life a lot more awesome than before. It has an amazing and astounding effect really. And now that I know that I do this, I will apply this more when I feel a little bit down with real pheromones according to and

The behaviour change in me that I notice little things more (2 months ago I didn’t do this) is definitely because of Vipassana meditation of real pheromones. Learn about attract women with pheromones |

Eighteenth entry – no negativity in pheromone attraction:
I don’t really have negativity in meditation, but since this is such an important concept and I saw an awesome quote in an amazon review, I decided to post it. If I ever experience negativity, then I’ll read this.

How to manage your sleep while going out?
One of the best ideas I’ve ever had (for my sleep at least): just go out for 1 to 2 hours. If you feel tired around 9 o clock, go to sleep and go out at 2 to 4 for instance.

Self-expression vs wanting something from people (craving and aversion)
Self-expression is the most important thing at the moment for me. When I feel fear of approaching it inhibits my self-expression, this is because I want something from her. I gotta reframe this to giving something to her or at least to ‘testing things out’.

Mindful state vs PUA pheromones state

I felt pressure from a PUA guy to approach every girl in the club. I don’t like that pressure. I don’t know if it’s an excuse not to approach girls or that it is legit. Nowadays I prefer to look at people their faces and draw conclusions based on that. I find it quite easy to see in what kind of state all the girls (or guys) are in. I’m going to split test this for a while. Night A is going to be ‘meditative state and just chilling’. Night B is going to be ‘PUA/self-development style’, aka approaching the whole club. Check out pheromone cologne |

Maybe I should approach the whole club in Night A as well, but I need to do it from a frame of love and the reducing of suffering, instead of ‘getting girls’. A way to reduce suffering is to give joy, empathy, pleasant surprises, high fives and hugs So come to think of it in night A I also should approach everyone, to check in what they need. Still, I need to split tests the two paradigms of thinking of real pheromones. The mindful way of thinking is quite new and in some ways a paradox on the whole PUA thing. I didn’t uncover all paradoxes yet. Come to think of it: when I go out mindfully, it’s a lot more enjoyable than in PUA pheromones alarm signal mode. Actually going out mindfully is just as enjoyable as kissing a girl most of the time.

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