Does Chikara Pheromones Cologne Work?

Chikara pheromone has become one of the most popular pheromones on the market. Do does that mean it actually works?

Pheromones and Relationships

In the beginning of the relationship I was a little whimp – I didn’t make barriers for people, I always looked for attention, I was a little boy.. When we had sex I didn’t dominate her besides smacking her ass, I didn’t go into great immersion with her during sex either because I was always afraid that I wasn’t good enough. – All things that can occur as a young boy in a relationship.. In truth, doing these bad things in the relationship show you how to do them right for: A) either that relationship or B) the next one you find yourself in. If I had used Chikara pheromones early on my relationship might have lasted longer. m/ She’s an extremely anxious person and for that reason, always bothered by the future, always thinking about the next bad scenario that might pop up. Even if there was only a small problem, she would turn it into a humongous deal. Adndrostenone heavy pheromones can calm women down. She was extremely jealous (and I loved this about her in the beginning – because in the beginning I was a needy person, so I longed for a person that was just as needy) but that jealousy became ridiculous – she manipulated me into looking bad – she didn’t like it when I walked with dominance or spoke with dominance or even spoke to other girls. She would see other girls looking at me and tell me in anger.

Another problem she had – that stemmed from her anxiety – was that she was extremely manipulative. It was her way of getting what she wanted because she was so afraid that if she didn’t she would be sitting there fucked. – She would manipulate my logic to make me feel bad for something that I shouldn’t have felt bad for.

She would manipulate me to give her more attention, to give up more of myself for her. – From my mindset, I thought “hey, she’s upset, so let me see it from her side and we can fix the problem” but slowly I began to realize that she wasn’t actually upset and what I did wasn’t wrong in any means.. (This taught me to never step down from what you think and feel – truly, this is one side of being dominant. You’re reality is THE reality, hands down, no conversation about it)

Because I was not dominant enough and lacked masculine pheromones and because she was extremely anxious, I would fall into how she wanted me to be and then slowly after long-periods of being in misery (say 6months+) I’d grow enough internal resentment to realize that she had conned me.. And i’d present it to her w/ anger and extreme disgust – and she’d plead and tell me that she would change..

I let go of it – because I was needy and attached to her attention, I wasn’t a dominant male.. And this happened again and again – I kept realizing how manipulated I was.. About 6 times this happened but each time it took me less and less to realize that I was being manipulated, and each time I grew less need for someone else’s love and more need for my own.

Until finally, I dumped her. She was on the phone crying and begging for me to give her another chance, and I laughed at her and hung up.

To sum it up:

Yes. Dominance is extremely important. Use androstenone based pheromones.

Along with:

Not needing her attention, or her

Not looking at her as an object that you can have

Not allowing her to change your mind unless it makes LOGICAL sense to you

Not allowing her emotions to change yours – you need to be the one that SHE’S reacting to.. You cannot be reacting to her

Part of being dominant is allowing people to think they’re doing something that they are leading on their own – for example, if she wants to “lead the house chores” empower her to.. That’s what a leader does. Learn more about pheromones at

But make sure she’s not manipulating you, make sure that you’re creating the reality that she’s in (you’re creating the culture of the relationship) and that she’s reacting to YOU and your pheromones – you are the one implementing the emotions and she’s responding with congruence, you are not responding to her emotions – especially if they’re negative.

And at a certain point, you can be at such different levels that no matter what, there’s nothing you can do.. There’s a large amount of power in knowing when you are not aligned.. Not saying this is the case, just saying this as a truth.

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Human pheromones can be used for intimacy

Human pheromones can be used for intimacy. Next time you are intimate with a girl, subtly notice what she’s doing to you. If she likes kissing you it means she likes being kissed. If she kisses your neck/bites. She likes being kissed there/bitten. If she sucks your tongue when kissing, you don’t need me to tell you what that means😛

What I am saying is, what she does to you is a strong indicator of something she likes receiving. Pay attention to a woman’s cues. The advice of paying attention to a girl’s cues will probably help you enjoy better love with a woman than what most fellas do. I’d like to offer what I feel would take you even further… and it’s what will make you unforgettable. It’s what will make her say ‘I’ve never been with anyone like you before’…. and 99.99% chances are, it’ll be true. Learn about Realm for Women |

How I Use Pheromones With Women

Don’t put the focus on exploring what she likes or wants… paying attention to her cues means she is setting the tone, the pace, taking the lead…Instead… do what YOU want with her. Forget about being a ‘great lover’… figure out what makes you hard about her, figure out what part of her your instincts are telling you to kiss, get yourself worked up into a raginglove frenzy and go to work on her. If she doesn’t want to do it, push harder (sometimes literally )… She will probably enjoy your love better than most according to the Pherazone review at and

If she REALLY doesn’t want to do it, it will be obvious, so you move onto something else, no apology, no reasoning… and you tell her it’s to make up for her unreasonable demands. Learn more at

The rationale behind all this….

a) women don’t always know what they want…

b) women often adapt what they want, depending on the Man they’re with…

c) women feel good and proud when they are pleasing their Man, so let them…

d) women might not have experienced what you want to do to them yet, so they couldn’t show you…

e) women don’t like taking the lead and they don’t enjoy the burden of responsibility – so treat them to an experience you’re orchestrating…

f) women aren’t supposed to run, they’re supposed to get turned on. “Checking in with them” undermines the entire dynamic from the Animal Perspective.

If that’s not something you’re entirely ready for though (it’s more mindset than anything), paying attention to her pheromones cues will probably still lead to a better than average experience for her, and you, so long as you don’t forget to enjoy the moment and don’t treat it like a job of work…… just really make sure you’re still taking the lead. I have this girl who’s crazy in love with me and horny about it, but when we do get to bed she is super shy. This was so hot when I took her virginity, but nowadays it’s just annoying for me, and I can tell she’s really disappointed about herself over this.

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Our year long relationship with pheromones

Six months ago, my girlfriend ended our year long relationship with pheromones. I’d been thinking about doing the same (since distance had been making things stale), but it was a huge blow to my ego when she ended it first. It was a slow recovery, but I made some progress: going on dates, picking up hobbies, and just generally bettering myself, but I was partially doing it to make her feel like she was missing out. (I should also mention that I haven’t gotten laid since the breakup–but not for lack of going out to discover the power of pheromones. I just haven’t been that attracted to any of my dates because they lacked sexy pheromones.)

Fast forward to a month ago–I was visiting a mutual friend in her part of the country, and he decides to mention that my ex had been seeing other people. Fuck. I relapse on my progress and text her to grab a drink. No dice. I’m glad she refused since I know how stale the same relationship would have ended, but once again, my ego’s fucked. Could be you are getting a bit ahead of yourself thinking about fucking if you got a broken “ego”. Give it time. I’m sure you will notice appealing things about new women. There’s too many interesting ones out there for you to not notice that some of them have good traits. Learn about the top pheromones |

Bruised ego? well in my experience the more ego you have the more it gets bruised. But maintaining a relationship with human pheromones has nothing to do with your ego. You connect with some girls and you don’t connect with others. It is simple.

5 to 6 years ago I was having a relationship with a hot hot girl that she was very much in love with me for some reason but I was always bored when around her. So I ended the relationship.

2 years ago I was having a relationship with a girl way uglier than the first one, but I was always having good moments with her. She ended the relationship as she found a guy who would feel her needs better than me. I really had a bruised ego at the time and I could not stop thinking about her……waste of time. Consider do pheromones actually work in humans?

I just realized that it is not about you or 1 person, it is about 2 people who manage to connect and be on the same page for some mysterious reason. It sucks getting dumped. I had a similar fall a while ago when one of my relationships ended. My advice is not perfect but here’s what happened since then: I find that time is the best healer of them all. Feel those feelings, don’t suppress them or run away from them. Mourn over them truly if you have to, to let them out.

I felt those things. Then I started picking myself up. Work actually helped me a lot in forgetting the hurt. Along the same time I started going to gym, exercise releases a lot of feel good chemicals. Do it consistently. I started seeing some women, met some nice ones and not so nice ones. Had sex, kissed whatever. Then I met another girl, saw each other long term and continued from there. It’s hard but you should think rationally, she’s entitled to move on with her life. She’s entitled to see other people, your relationship has ended.

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Male Pheromones That Work

The number and size of the trap orifice also may influence trap efficiency. Sato et al  found that the optimum orifice size for Spodoptera man was related to the size it  up.

As a rule, these pheromone traps captured males as efficiently as the virgin female controls, which was especially impressive because the lure used was racemic pheromones, not (+)-pheromones. All the closed pheromone traps were significantly less efficient in trapping the males that were attracted to them than were the virgin females or the open traps. Thus, the racemic lure attracted the males to the vicinity of the trap, but searching behavior (close- in orientation) of the attracted males was not intense. It would be useful to see whether (+ )-pheromones would improve trap efficiency in this type of test.

Unfortunately, “pheromone trap efficiency” is not an unchanging quantity; a rating given one day to a particular trapping system for a given moth species can be different the next day. Factors extraneous to trap design and attractiveness act upon the moth and deter- mine (1) whether the moth flies into the “active space” of the trap’s pheromone plume, and (2) whether the moth, drawn to the trap, is caught by the trap. Thus, even though we can optimize the innate ability of the trap to attract and catch moths and can place the trap in a favorable location, we cannot control the weather. As stated by Collins and Pottsz. Learn more about pheromones at and what is pheromone attraction |

The percentage of male pheromones that can be recovered by extracts is dependent on a number of variable factors, the more important of which are the distance they can fly, vitality and length of life, distance from the trap, number of males, wind direction and velocity, rain, humidity, temperature, counter-attraction by females of a colony, tree growth, topography, and the attracting power of the extract. Consider- able variation should be expected, therefore, in the results of the experiments.” Low temperatures (below 20°C), as well as cloudy or rainy days are known to sharply reduce male flight and subsequent trap catch.”“’55’5°’°’-“’3 Cool daytime temperatures delay male eclosion and time to first flight,“ while warm evening temperature and slight breezes are known to prolong crepuscular dispersal flights of newly eclosed males.” Male mating behavior on such evenings is rather remarkable. As reported by O’Dell,5° male gypsy moths fly directly to females with little if any misdirection, in contrast to daytime activity when males find females and mate only after considerable searching. These differences in behavior patterns were probably the result of the slight nonturbulent evening breezes that permitted a distinct, perhaps continuous, pheromone plume to form, thereby facilitating male orientation. It is well established that trap catches of male Lepidoptera are facilitated by low wind speed,‘3‘ and, at least with Trichoplusia ni, decreased female calling is correlated with increased wind speed.“ Learn more at

Weather effects may explain why trap catches of released male gypsy moths are sometimes high (70 of 93 reported by Cameron” with racemic pheromones and an inefficient trap) and sometimes low (3.9% reported by Elkinton and Cardé’ with (+)- pheromones in a trap of unknown efficiency). Learn more about pheromones at

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Genuine Pheromone Attraction

I still would love to say : “Be Real With Pheromones ” I don’t know you checked out the latest Pimp program or not, that gets a really good point is when you are interacting with women you need to set a frame like

This interaction is between man and women, not friend to friend.

By physical with Pheromones

A simple ground breaking compliment will not lead you anywhere, she will forget about what you say soon or later. It is like you cannot remember what did you say yesterday at 12:00Am, but you will definitly remember what did you do at  12:00Pm if you get burned  that time. Physical is much more powerful than verbal according to

The women know what is going on in your head when you approach them

So why not just do what you want to do ? Be real with yourself.

I love big butt and I cannot lie

I think you should check out 60s stuff,it will help you a lot during night time. Check out pheromones.

And the advices from svaio I think the genuine pheromone attraction should happen during the further interaction. Not right away becasue the deeper detail your comliments focus are , the more powerful it will be. But you cannot tell much details when you first met a beautiful women,IMO. But the point still is, every woman is different, and if she can like you or you compliments you cannot know in advance. Its the illness of todays time that people without natural pheromones! Don’t focus so much on trying to make her feel good as you focus on just feeling good yourself and understanding what pheromones make people in general feel good. When it comes to people interacting with each other it’s being able to listen and also being able to notice things about them. If you can pick out things in their personality or how they dress or talk, think then you can see them for who they are and appreciate that. Don’t just do it with hot girls do it with everybody. If your worried about coming across as a nice guy learn how to be honest with people and tell them things about you that you like don’t like and have pheromone limits. Learn more about human pheromones and insects at Don’t be afraid to not be perfect. It’s about being a bit vulnerable and letting her be that too and to show you who she is. That is what makes her feel special because to completely be able to be herself around somebody is a gift. She can’t even do that around some of her best friends without feeling like she will be judged negatively. So it’s being able to see her and who she is while being able to show who you are completely. Learn more at

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Best Pheromones for 2017

Best Pheromones production in termites, well reviewed by Nutting (1969), is normally the result of union between a pair of alates after the swarming flight, but alternative mechanisms are known in a few species involving fragmentation (‘budding’) of existing colonies followed by independent production of secondary reproductives. (Harris 1958). Learn more about the best pheromones for sexual attraction.

The latter occurs mostly in species with diffuse colonies where outlying sections may lose pheromonal contact with the main body and then behave as orphaned groups. However, a very special type of fragmentation, described as ‘sociotomy’ by Grassé and Noirot (1951), involves a deliberate migration by the royal pair, plus a retinue of workers and soldiers, after the manner of swarming in honey bees. Such a migration must certainly depend upon aggregation pheromones for its cohesion, but the trigger mechanism responsible for this unusual behavior is not known.

After the short swarming flight, alates descend to earth to seek their pheromone mates. Females of many species apparently emit a short-range sex attractant. They adopt a ‘calling’ attitude with the tip of the abdomen raised and sometimes moving from side to side. Males quarter the ground at random, but on encountering a calling female are immediately attracted to her. Learn more about

The pair then begin to parade in tandem, with the male so closely following the female as to appear coupled to her. Temporary loss of alarm pheromones causes the male to make searching movements, whilst the female resumes the calling posture. The male is apparently not following a scent- trail, but is responding directly to a short-range, air-borne attractant. Nothing is yet known of the nature of this pheromone. Buchli (1960), who investigated closely the behavior in Reticulitermes luczfugus, suggested that the attractant might be produced by the female’s pheromone glands. Other observers have stressed the importance of visual cues in tandem formation.

Eventually, the pair enter the ground, or timber as the case may be, and construct a royal cell (‘copularium’) where mating first takes place. Short-range pheromones with attractant and perhaps aphrodisiacal, properties presumably play an important role in maintaining the pair-bond during this crucial phase as, indeed, throughout the life span. These cohesive factors become particularly important when, with increasing size of the colony, the queen becomes immobilized through physogastry. She is then entirely dependent upon her attractive properties for the best pheromones to attract men | Baids.

These pheromone properties are particularly apparent to the observer in freshly broken nests, when the reluctance of the king to leave his helpless mate is very obvious. Learn more about pheromones at

In the incipient colony, the first brood is nourished exclusively by the royal pair, but workers or their equivalent soon take over all such duties and the activities of the king and queen become entirely restricted to reproduction on an increasing scale. The colony slowly grows in size and numbers until, at maturity, it is capable of producing all castes characteristic of the species ~ a capability it may retain for many tens of years before decline according to

Apart from their crucial role in maintaining caste balance (which has already been discussed), pheromones are also implicated in many of the day-to-day activities of the colony.

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Pheromone Effects

However, though intolerance of certain pheromone conspecifics probably motivated the marking performance, the biological function of the chemical signals might vary widely among the different species. Even in the same species, territorial pheromone marking might serve more than one purpose alone. The following functions of chemical signals in territorial behavior seem possible and are indicated byrobservational data:

a) The application of personal scent is an act of ‘self-advertisement’ (Jolly 1966). It expresses self-confidence and helps to reassure the marking animal in the presence of opponents. The odor also might have a reassuring effect on other members of the group, or it might stimulate their aggression against invaders, thus correlating the motivations and displays of all group members and promoting group cohesion during territorial ceremonies. It is obvious that the expression of self-confidence by pheromone scent marking does not need to be limited to territorial encounters. It might just as well function in a variety of other behaviors, e.g. during intragroup aggression or in sexual courtship.

b) Marking gives the territory the characteristics of a ‘home’. It is common knowledge that — in captivity — many primate species very actively remark their home cages after these have been washed. Moreover, the lion marmoset (Le0nt0pi- thecus rosalia rosalia L.) shows increased scent marking after heavy rainfalls in open air enclosures (Snyder 1972).  Learn more about pheromones at

This indicates that the absence of their own pheromone odor within the home range might have a stressful effect on the inhabitants who, therefore, renew the marks frequently. Mykytowycz (1972) suggests that the presence of the personal odor within their living space is essential for many mammals to behave freely and participate in breeding activities. Where the territory of social species is marked by many group members, a characteristic group odor — as in the flying phalanger (Schultze-Westrum 1965) — might result.

c) The odor produced in territorial pheromone marking serves as a short term threat signal which intimidates opponents. This function is not limited to intergroup aggression. It is likely that odors discharged during the spectacular ‘stink-fights’ performed by male Lemur cam: in intragroup conflicts (Jolly 1966; Evans and Goy) serve as threat signals directed at group mates. Learn more about pheromones at

d) Territorial scent is a long term manifestation of the presence of the pheromones in the territory. It alerts invaders to the presence of the owners and might help prevent invasions. However, it depends on the motivation of the invaders whether they are intimidated by the signal or not. Martin (1968) suggests that after having experienced defeat during territorial encounters with a resident, they might become conditioned to avoid an area where a specific scent indicates the presence of the former opponent.

Learn more about pheromones at

e) Finally,  pheromone scent applied throughout the living space of an individual may com- municate detailed information on the species, age, sex and reproductive state to conspecifics occupying adjacent territories and thus not only serve to announce the occupation of a territory but also form a bridge between individuals who rarely encounter each other personally, as in the case of solitary prosimians 1971), Microcebus murinus (Martin 1972), Perodicticus potto and Galago demi- dovii Fischer (Charles-Dominique 1971b, 1972), all of which, with the exception of Galago, are commonly classified as solitary, have revealed that these prosimians show various forms of ‘semi-social’ organizations. Individuals occupy territories which more or less overlap with the ranges of their neighbors. They engage in a limited amount of friendly social interactions, especially with neighbors of the opposite sex, and more or less defend their territories against neighbors of the same sex.

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