Why Pheromones Are Amazing

Pheromones are amazing for pest mitigation. Codling moth, (Cydia pomonella (L): Tortricidae), is considered to be the major pest of pome fruit in Europe, North and South America, South Africa, and Australia. The insect probably originates from the same area as its major host plants in Eurasia, and has been introduced into almost all regions where pome fruit is grown, with the exception of some parts of Asia.’ Primary host plants commonly infested by the co- dling moth are all members of the Rosaceae, and include the apple, pear, and quince; other Rosaceae such as peaches and apricots are less commonly attacked.’ The walnut (family Juglandaceae) may be heavily infested by what is perhaps a distinct race of codling moth in the U.S. and Europe.

The life cycle of the insect can be briefly summarized as follows: The seasonal occurrence of codling moth is closely synchronized with the availability of fruit through- out its distributional range. The insects overwinter as mature dispausing larvae which pupate and give rise to adults in the spring. Fecundity varies widely, and mean figures may range from 30 to 130 eggs per female thanks to pheromones.

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The eggs are laid singly on, or adjacent to, the fruits, which are then mined superficially by the first-instar larvae; if the latter die or leave the fruit, they leave blemishes known as “stings”. The larvae then tunnel towards the center of the fruit and pass through a further four instars. The mature fifth-instar larvae leave the fruits, and seek sheltered cocooning sites in crevices in the bark of the host trees or on the ground. In areas where the pest is univoltine, these larvae again enter an overwintering diapause, while in multivoltine situations all larvae from the last generation, as well as some individuals from earlier generations, pass into diapause in response to shorter day-lengths.

B. Pest Status

The insect is of greatest significance as a pest of apples, particularly the latematur- ing varieties.” In South Africa, Australia, and the western states of North America, codling moth is the key pest of apples; problems with other pests, such as spider mites, arise largely through the destruction of their natural enemies by pesticide treatments designed to control codling moth. In Europe, other parts of North America and New Zealand, codling moth is included in a complex of important pests which may include tortricid leaf rollers, weevils, psyllids, and other insects.”

It is difficult to estimate the actual costs of codling moth infestation because of the numerous pheromonefactors involved. Damage to the fruit can simply be cited as a percentage loss figure and estimates made of the costs in lost production. However, the greatest costs are those of preventive spraying, treatment of secondary pest problems arising from this preventive schedule, and the necessity to grade fruit after harvesting. Infestations are generally lower in areas representing the limits of the distributional range of codling moth, where only one generation is completed annually. In more favorable areas, the pest may complete up to three generations and has a greater potential to damage crops. In unsprayed apple orchards, mean fruit damage varies from 10% in Europe’ to 50 to 100% in Australia.’ In eastern Canada, infestations in treated apple orchards may average 2.5%,5 which, if taken as a conservative estimate for the remain- der of North America, would represent an annual loss of $14 million (based on I971 prices, and earlier production figures’). On the basis of this same damage figure, losses in Europe’ would amount to $46 million annually.

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Are sex pheromones the secret to more dating success?

More dates and more women! Are sex pheromones the secret to more dating success? Throughout centuries, there’s been certain hype concerning strange and mystical scentless chemicals that you & I, are proposed to secrete & excrete.

Pheromones are our own personally manufactured human odors which when transmitted, are used for communication, between our same species. Pheromones are known to excite chemical reactions within others around us, thus, changing certain human behaviors, within the receiver. Learn more at http://youthbruce.com/2016/06/19/first-rule-of-using-pheromones/

What about those proposed chemicals used in manufactured pheromone sprays and perfumes? Do they really work? We will discuss the findings from tested and tried sex pheromones.

They can also be manufactured in a laboratory which are thus bottled and sold in popular perfumes and colognes.

Decades of research concerning ‘what drives sexual behavior in mammals’ show that we, humans, contain receptors, within our nervous system that inevitably detects, and picks up on these subtle scents of sexual arousal chemicals.

These chemicals are excreted via the follicles & the skin throughout our body.

Do pheromones really attract sex? Do you really need an arsenal of attraction elements to become more successful with the opposite sex?

Human pheromones are excreted through our sweat and particularly under our armpits.

Various people report that colognes containing putative human pheromones can be used to attract members of the opposite sex and produce all sorts of social effects.

Let’s take each of these in turn. But before we start, we have to talk about the vomeronasal organ. While the absence of the vomeronasal organ in humans does not bode well for the existence of human pheromones, it does not by itself prove that they do not exist.

Whenever people discuss the existence of pheromones they always reference the McClintrock study. The study basically demonstrated that the menstrual cycles of women were synchronized in the presence of human pheromones.

MHC Dependent Mating: The MHC genes determine the composition of our immune system, and individuals with different MHC genes are less related than individuals with more similar MHC genes. Do you find a potential mate attractive because her MHC genes are quite different from your own? And how do you even know what type of MHC genes someone has? Learn about male pheromones to attract females

Humans transmit information about their particular set of MHC genes in two ways: facial features and body odor.

Pheromone Enhanced Colognes and Perfumes

Studies have shown that pheromone laced perfumes and colognes, whose mixture was not fully disclosed, may increase the sexual arousal and activity of both men and women when worn by the opposite sex. Learn about what pheromones are used for.

By far the most popular pheromone brand on the market is manufactured by a company called Pherazone which makes the most concentrated formula on the market with over 5x more pheromones than competing brands. There are many positive reviews and reports of them working which includes overt flirtation and sexual approaches.

Pherazone contains 7 different pheromones including androstenol which is known to activate the hypothalu sin heterosexual women. Zthe region of the hypothalamus activated corresponds to the area activated during mating behavior.

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My Pheromone Findings

Next time when I will present I will experiment with expressing gratitude towards the Athena pheromones institution allowing me to present and to the audience allowing them to listen to me. I will probably ask an applaus for everyone upfront. Something like “since you’re all paying attention for at least 10 seconds already I want you guys to give yourself an applause, because I find it really fun to present for you guys” (something like that *experimental pheromones idea*). Learn about pheromones at http://pheromones-work.weebly.com/home/october-03rd-2015 and http://infospeak.org/?p=141

The second presentation was the most AWESOME PRESENTATION that I ever gave. I surpassed myself this time with real human pheromones. We had the same kind of exercise, but now it was in terms of qualities like: entrepreneurship, playful, creative, etc. I chose playful, since that my main mode of how I want to view the world. Consequently I view the world a lot in a playful way. It was the most fun because the girl in our group suggested that we should act our pheromone behavior with VNO cues  out (we didn’t have an idea at the time). “The hitchhiker just extended his pheromone reach.

I was crawling the whole time and I was in so much pain when I told this pheromones presentation that everyone laughed their asses of. I anticipated this reaction because I wanted people to laugh a lot and I thought it would be funny if they would see me struggling giving this presentation because the pain would be hard to bear. Interestingly enough this didn’t feel like (negative) self-deprecating humor because I felt so passionate and awesome about the idea and just in general. People could feel that, I could feel that when I heard their applause regarding human pheromones. Learn more about pheromones at http://thongchaimedical.org/?p=179

Two lessons learned about pheromone signals:

Intuitively I knew this to be funny, so I have an intuition for fun. I’m finally beginning to understand that I have one even though I don’t consider myself that way necessarily[b]

[b]Giving an unconventional presentation is awesome and it really aligned with my goals of making people their live more awesome

Now I find the following is interesting, I asked myself: how the hell did I have this intuition that people would find it funny? I never have this intuition so crystal sharp like I had then.

Entry within an entry (aka going into a lot of detail)

Here is what I ‘know’ about humor (an entry within an entry), a quick brainstorm:

We can consider laughter an emotional expression.

Thus, humor has something to do with the interpretation of things.

I thought people would find this thing funny (in a compassionate way) because they would see this struggle going on between me giving the presentation and me being in pain. So apparently there’s something funny in that interpretation. A few things:

* It was unconventional so people are on their edge more “what’s going to happen? What is this?” (arousal goes up, aka tension)

* Then people get the idea. Probably a shot of dopamine shot in their heads when they liked it, because they solved part of the mystery of “what is this guy doing on his knees and hands?” Immediately after that, they find it awesome, because a Ferrari is a cool status symbol

* My voice projection was inspired by that dude from old spice, so that probably added to the role that I am this ‘cool awesome pheromones’

* Then they saw my struggle while I was crawling and talking, here is where they laughed.

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Best Pheromones To Get Laid!

Pheromones are natural chemicals found in the body that produce a natural scent. This scent attracts the opposite sex and creates an unexplainable chemistry between two individuals. Studies say that some people are able to produce higher amounts of this natural chemical compared to other people. Those who are able to produce more pheromones attract more admirers.

Understanding Pheromones

Pheromones were first found in insects. Studies have been done to prove the existence of pheromones in humans, but no study has conclusively proved it yet. However, many companies such as Charlatans have advertised about human pheromones and their existence. Although evidence regarding its existence is doubtful, many people have started to recognize their existence.

In women, the type of pheromone released is called “copulin”. In men, the type of pheromone released is called “androstenone”. Pheromones are found in the sweat and saliva of a person. They play a big role in attraction as well as sexual communication. Although not very noticeable, the body odor is actually one determining factor of a person’s attraction. Males usually smell best for females, which means that men’s smell have the highest impact to women because it differs most from their own, and vice versa. Cliché as it may sound, but opposites do attract.

What are Pheromone Products?

Pheromone products have been highly advertised and have become highly popular in the market today. They are scents that are said to contain human pheromones that increase a person “appeal” to other people. Depending on the product you are buying, the contents of these scents vary from one manufacturer to another.

Many manufacturers of the best pheromone products extract human pheromones from real people. They do this by collecting sweat from men and women’s underarm areas with the use of pads. One pheromone product manufacturer was said to obtain pheromones from a singer named Sammy Kershaw and used them for a line of cologne.

Pheromone products are advertised as “a great way to get more admirers”, or “an effective way to have a girl or guy come to you”. However, although pheromones do have an attracting power, not all women or men get attracted to the same kind of pheromone. Pheromones differ from one person to another, and attraction varies from different individuals. This means that if one pheromone attracts a person, it doesn’t mean that it will also attract another person. This also means that there is no such thing as the “best pheromone product” because not one kind of pheromone can attract all individuals. It all boils down to individual preferences and choices.

If you want to purchase the best pheromone products, the best thing to do is to do your research and find out whether the products are effective. One way to know about this is by reading unbiased reviews online. Consider the price of the product as well. You do not want to end up spending for something that doesn’t work for you. Lastly, you also have to be comfortable with using a certain pheromone product before you try to use it.

You should seriously consider buying the best pheromone products from reputable manufacturers or distributors. Because of the popularity of pheromone based products, many fake manufacturers have started selling and distributing products that do not contain real pheromones. It is often safer to consider where you are buying it from to ensure that you will not be scammed. There are local stores that provide guarantees for the products that they sell. You can also buy online but make sure that you buy from a reputable online store. Check out top pheromones proven to work.

Pheromone Dating

To prove that pheromones are effective in attracting people of the opposite sex, a certain pheromone-based product manufacturer tested their pheromone-bases scents to two sets of female and male twins—identical twins Sarah and Bridget, and identical twins Paul and Dave. Sarah and Dave were asked to use a pheromone product.

The twins were asked to attend a speed dating event, and the two set of twins went on 10 dates lasting five minutes each. At the end of the event, the result showed that nine men liked Sarah and wanted to see her again, while five men decided that they want to see Bridget again. As for the men, ten women wanted to see Dave again and only six women were interested in Paul.

Although the test results may be coincidental, it may do a lot to prove how much the best pheromone products can improve the chances of an individual in attracting the opposite sex.

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Use of Pheromone Dispensers

Under regulation laws in Norway. pheromones and other behavior- modifying chemicals have to be registered. The formulation of I. (ypographus pheromones was evaluated by the Pesticides Board of the Ministry of Agriculture and has been approved for practical use in forestry, but only for 1 year. Check out human sex pheromones at my site.


The dispensers are used either for baiting trap trees sprayed with insecticides or as a bait in traps.

A. Trap Trees

Trap trees have been used in Europe to control bark beetles for more than 200 years. Trees are cut before the main beetle flight in early spring to provide a suitable breeding material. After the trees are infestated, the stems are either debarked, submerged, or transported from the forest. Learn more at http://infospeak.org/?p=156.

The addition of the pheromone bait to the logs and spraying with an insecticide (1% water solution of lindane), has greatly improved the trap-tree method. Beetles are attracted in large numbers to the logs and killed following contact with the insecticide.”

Standing trees have also been used as trap trees by treating the stems with the pheromone bait and insecticide.‘“5 Beetles were attracted in larger numbers to the baited- and-sprayed trees than to trees under natural attack. Most beetles were killed before gallery construction, but several trees were colonized by the beetles and killed.“ The attack often started in the upper stem region where, for practical reasons, the insecticide treatment was inadequate. Untreated, healthy trees near the trap trees were also killed. The use of sprayed trees or logs as traps has two major disadvantages. The method is expensive, and the logs have to be removed from the forest afterwards, which in Scandinavia often requires input of logging equipment to take care of small scattered quantities of logs. The trap-tree method, however, has been modified and made much more practicable. The trap tree has been reduced to a 1-m-long log section, which can be handled easily without special equipment. Placed upon stumps in recently clear-cut areas, baited and sprayed, such billets serve as poisoned traps for most of the flight season and cause the death of thousands of beetles.“ Without major economic losses, they can be left in the forest. The only disadvantage is the need to apply persistent insecticides in the forest environment; however, such applications are limited to point sources, i.e., the traps. Learn more about human pheromones at my site. Learn about Athena 10x Pheromones | Tumblr.com

B. Traps

Different types of traps have been developed to facilitate the study of the behavioral effect of insect pheromones. Most types have an adhesive coating, and kill or immo- bilize the insect. This technique is utilized mostly for Lepidopterous insects, but is also used for Coleoptera, e.g., the boll weevil.” In bark beetle research, sticky traps have played an important role, particularly in North America.

Bark beetle pheromones have been released from inside cylindrical traps of hardware cloth coated with sticky material.” Squares of hardware cloth.“ paperboard cylinders.” and fiberglass screen vanes.”‘” all coated with tacky material, have been used. Nonadheslve glass barrier traps have been used in field olfactometers.”-” but also for me.

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Pheromones Work In Humans

I had plenty of evidence that pheromones work in humans. Met this girl in a social circle who have been seeing/dating for the last 3 months. She was really into my pheromones (she bought be some really cool stuff from her travels, always really chatty, super affectionate, tones of sex) until recently and I’m trying to figure out why, figure out my mistakes (for next time) and what to do next. Learn about human pheromones | http://austingosser.bcz.com/

First off, I wasn’t completely into her pheromone scents due to not really wanting a relationship right now (I’m going traveling for 2 months very soon) and she was getting a little chubby, but didn’t seem to care about her weight. While I’ve been getting into my health and gym – so a little conflict there. I made the effort to help her out by offering to go to the gym with her, and teaching her about intermediate fasting but she seems to be more passionate about her food. I think she was getting annoyed at the fact I was so focused on this and indirectly suggesting she should get back into shape.

I don’t think this was the main reason for her to go cold recently – she basically went cold this Tuesday and all this getting fit and into shape stuff was brought up way earlier in the relationship. We were aware of the role that pheromones play in human attraction.

She went cold Tuesday this week, last time I saw her was Saturday night and stayed over her house. She made me dinner, watched two movies and we had sex (wasn’t great first time, try to smash her on the couch, couldn’t get hard but then smashed her in the bedroom). The sex pheromone was average but previously times it was decent.

She was really chatty Sunday, Monday, Tuesday via Facebook suggesting for me, her and my friend to do something together soon. Then suddenly from Wednesday she went cold.

By cold – stopped FB/texting me, I saw her at a friend’s party on sat, she barely spoke to me, I recently lost my phone and she said via Facebook “well this is awkward, I don’t want you to have my number anymore” I thought it was a joke initially but looks it’s not.

Overall I think the combination of being one foot in and out of the relationship, pretty certain she would have other guys who don’t give a shit about health/fitness who are into her (easier options.)

Overall top girl personality wise, we had some really cool times together and i still want to continue our relationship as friends.

I’m just wondering what are some good pheromone cologne options from here?

I’m thinking of reaching out to her, going out for a coffee or something, and positioning as I wasn’t really looking into a relationship at this stage of my life, I think your awesome girl, we had really times/memories then telling her we should still hang out.

Maybe buy her a little gift. Do you also think its worth asking what changed, what went wrong?

Or i could do nothing but it would be just awkward next time i see her (which i will as she is in one of my social circles).

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NPA Pheromone Traps

The results of the pheromone test are shown in Table 3. At the high dose rate, the two formu- lations did not differ in ability to reduce mating (95% for the 1976-NCR formulation vs. 97% for the 1978-NCR formulation) or trap catch (88% vs. 86°70, respectively). At the rate of 5 g disparlure per hectare, the 1978-NCR-2 formulation reduced mating 76% and trap catch 34%.

Mating Disruption Achieved by Use of Three-Layer NPA Pheromones

The three-layer laminated polymeric dispenser has been adopted for use in gypsy moth traps.“ Similar dispensers have been used to suppress mating of other insect species. Such dispensers are placed in a checkerboard grid over the infested area,“ a procedure that has now been adapted for use in attempts to disrupt gypsy moth mating. The dispenser produces an almost constant release of pheromone for an extended period; also. given constant conditions of temperature and wind speed, the rate of release of disparlure depends on the polymer composition. the dimensions of the dispenser, and the pheromone loading.” In initial experiments, the dispensers were deployed.

The laminated material was cut into uniformly sized flakes that were fed dry from a hopper on the aircraft wing to a conical distributor where they were mixed with sticker. This material appears to be superior in performance to the formulations tested in 1976 and shows promise for large—scale application. Rates of 50 g disparlure per hectare provided a high degree of mating reduction in field tests in 1979. Learn about NPA New Pheromone Additive | http://pheromones-planet.com/ and http://chrshrt112.typepad.com/blog/2015/11/pheromone-scientist-research.html

Pheromones Mating Disruption Studies

Until 1974, most tests were conducted on relatively large plots (16 ha and above). Then Granett and Doane” examined the value of small plots (1 ha) for measurement of disparlure—mediated reduction of male mating potential. They applied microencapsulated disparlure by knapsack mist blower to 1—ha replicated circular plots in three areas in Connecticut with population densities in the three areas estimated at 0, 40, and 1470 egg masses per hectare. Plots with 40 egg masses were treated twice with 18 g disparlure. The other two areas were treated only once. The results were measured by reduction of male catch in disparlure—baited traps and by deploying virgin female moths (field-collected pupae) in the treated area. Learn more at http://pomm79.moonfruit.com/blog/4588864419/The-Sex-Pheromone/10102155

Trap catches in treated plots were depressed more than 98% below those in the control plots. None of the females placed in the treated plots were mated, but 74°70 were mated in control plots. This trap catch in the field could be correlated with mating potential, and there appeared to be little movement of ‘males into the treated plots. Thus, it even appeared that disparlure had some potential for reduction of dense pop- ulations. However, the same result was not obtained in subsequent years. In fact, these tests and several others with disparlure have given results that are not fully understood, especially when the experiments have been conducted in heavily infested areas. Perhaps when population dynamics are better understood and the interaction of factors such as disease, climate. and predator populations can be quantitatively assessed, it may be possible to predict the effect of mating reduction mediated by behavior-modifying chemicals on the growth or decline of an infestation. Until that time. biological effects

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