In this article, I discuss the how pheromones influence love. Typically, love potions in folklore contain body secretions. However, the pheromone-rich substance is promised to create instant lust in the unsuspecting victim.

The use of love potions continues today. In rural areas of Brazil, women serve an intended lover coffee filtered through their unlaundered underwear.

Pheromones Are Fascinating

Aside from providing provocative conversation for cocktail parties, what can pheromone savvy do for you and your sex life? It can help you understand the chemistry of sexual attraction.

Why you can be strangely attracted to a certain someone? Even when your friends tell you, “I don’t know what you see in him (or her).

Learn about at It makes you aware of society’s attempts to suppress your pheromones. For example, by persuading you to deodorize yourself or to wear restrictive clothing that traps your pheromones.

Rather than being unknowingly manipulated in this way, you will be able to decide for yourself whether you wish to follow such restrictions.It makes you an informed consumer, less likely to succumb to extravagant advertising claims for pheromone-based products suggested by

What Pheromones Can Do

Knowledge of what human pheromones can and can’t do will help you think twice. Do this before putting out money for a product that claims its pheromone content will make you instantly irresistible. Learn about pheromone products.

Pheromones as Aphrodisiacs

Pheromones are subliminal persuaders, designed by nature to ensure that we attract and choose a biologically suitable mate. There are a number of ways you can use pheromone knowledge to enhance this process.

Using Armpit Allure

The armpit is one of the most alluring areas of the human body. This is because of its concentration of pheromone-producing apocrine glands and because of underarm hair. The armpit figures prominently in courtship behavior and the exchange of pheromones.

Take slow dancing, for example. Partners stand face-to-face with their arms partially raised, allowing clouds of pheromones to escape from their armpits. To take full advantage of pheromone power, expose your armpits. Lift your arms away from your sides and liberate your pheromones.

Holding your arms close to your body effectively suppresses pheromone distribution. Learn more about pheromones at

Avoiding the Clothing Trap

At times when you want your pheromones to be released into the air, avoid clothing that traps them. Wearing a veil, scarf, turban, or hat effectively inhibits the free release of pheromones from the hair, which is an especially abundant source.

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