Pheromones are chemicals produced by humans to influence the behavior of others. The cheating-rate of both men and women is high and divorce rates are as high as 71% in some countries.

Therefore,  it seems like people would realize now that humans are not monogamous species. Some cultures marriage with multiple people is totally fine as they either practice polyandry or polygyny according to experts.

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Pheromones for Increases Attraction

Pheromones work in mysterious ways. Whenever someone likes a girl or a woman and she is already “involved” guys will usually tell him lines such as “There are other women out there”,”If you truly like her you will let her be happy with him”,”If your able to get her, whats not to say she will leave you for another guy”.

Even songs promote leaving her alone such as Let Her Go by Passenger and When I was your man by Bruno Mars. Learn about pheromones at

If these guys had been using pheromone colognes they would have more success with women.

To me, it seems like a total beta male way of thinking, and they want other guys to limit themselves in the same way.

Yet all the so-called relationship experts will either caution people before they decide to do it, by either recommending not to do it or make it seem like it is so hard.

So is it to the taboo of a subject to have a pheromone guide on or is there a lack of real-life testing to make such a guide.

Pheromones are definitely a taboo according to Every time I openly broach this subject for an honest discussion it immediately turns into a kneejerk outrage.

Dating people who are involved with someone else already is somehow evil. Therefore,  pheromones are considered unethical.

Pheromonal Relationships

Pheromonal relationships are somehow seen as something holy that should never be meddled with from outside. Like a contract is written in stone.

Of course, human nature doesn’t work like that. Humans are capable of both monogamy and polygamy whichever their mind leans toward in that moment whether you use pheromones or not.

So this taboo really harks back to ancient times. Times when pheromones were vitally important and protected with lethal force.

Today we still built on the idea that people can be property. Each other’s property according to

I think pheromone colognes are disgusting. Yes being dishonest and cheating on someone is wrong and weaksauce.

However, someone else’s relationship is only the responsibility of the two involved. That’s why there’s nothing wrong with facilitating other people in their cheating. They’re adults that make choices for themselves. Protecting their worthless relationships is not on you.