Your Pheromones Matter To Her


What would you say if I told you that by the end of this talk, she will try to pick you up because of your pheromones.

However, after meeting people from pheromone community, he learned that you CAN change and that there is no unbreakable status quo in life, there is only is what you create in the moment. (You can pick up a girl at any time with the right pheromones, the journey just allows you to feel and believe that you can. It is just a circular journey of learning to give yourself permission. That is all.)

Pheromones Work For Anyone

He was overweight, riddled with acne, unkempt and did not have the face, voice or style of the typical ladies man, but he consistently got beautiful women to take an interest in his pheromones. Andy decided he had to give this a try. He approached his first girl with Pherazone, and after she lit up with delight, he was hooked from that point on his pheromone scent according to

Andy built a reputation as a skilled pheromone seducer, and he also created the firm, which grew bigger and bigger. People looked up to him and asked him for pheromonal dating advice. They saw him as a cool ladies man, but Andy felt uncomfortable with all this, because he still saw himself as a geek who had just learned to pick up women. Check out pheromones for men at

His story was that of a womaniser, but that was not who he felt he was using cheap pheromones. He realized that this person was not who he wanted to be, and that people expected him to be a certain guy. It felt like a mask, and he felt that he would lose himself if he kept it up, because he could not identify with the persona. Learn more at

He stopped using cheap pheromone colognes, because he is Andy Moore, a geek that just learned to meet women through daygame. He sets high expectations and often do not meet them, and he wants to be who he is. • Most people wear masks all the time. We are not continuously spontaneous and in the moment, true to themselves, we try to present ourselves as we think other people would like to see us. Learn about good pheromones at .

Nice Guys and Pheromones

Most men are too “nice” when they wear pheromones and don’t create any spark or attraction with the girl. If you want solid interactions and numbers that don’t flake, you have to attract her. Most guys try to make a connection off the bat, but if you only focus on comfort, she’ll think you just want to be friends, or that you don’t dare to make a move, and she won’t feel any attraction. Attract her first, then build a pheromonal connection. Some of the ways you can do this is by teasing and challenging her, basically amusing yourself, daring to be a little more of a dick.

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