What would you say if I told you that by the end of this talk, she will try to pick you up because of your pheromones.

Before I discuss specific products, I just want to throw a little knowledge out there so you know WHY they work.

Pheromone Molecules

Below are some of the most common pheromones found in colognes and perfumes.


Androstadienone has been studied extensively in scientific, as well as non-scientific studies. There have been reports of the molecule having real physiological effects on women, such as reducing cortisol (stress hormone), increasing pain threshold, and rating men as more attractive after being exposed.

In the real world testing of this molecule, women report thoughts of comfort or contentment, feeling happier in its presence, and developing a deeper bond or attachment to the wearer. Check out pheromones for men at http://pheromones-4u.com/men/


Androsterone and epi-androsterone are different isomers of the same molecule. And they have wildly differing effects, however, they are extremely important for providing a sense of authority as well as youth.

In the right ratios, these molecules can create an aura of reliability, strength, and leadership. The right aura to get women to value you on a different level than most other guys.

Alpha and beta androstenol

Alpha and beta androstenol are the communication pheromones. They are responsible for creating depth and quantity in your conversations. Learn more at http://thongchaimedical.org/

If you’ve read anything I’ve written about a conversation, you know that it’s the KEY to developing meaningful relationships – whether they are romantic or not.

believe that when these molecules are used in conjunction with each other, they create a powerful synergistic effect which simply separates you from the crowd. Consider pheromones for men 2017

Think about it.

How many guys use laboratory grade pheromones to create an ideal persona?

Almost nobody. So you can imagine just how obsessed women can get when you have the right pheromones on.

That being said, here are a few of my favorite products for creating “fallout” or crush effects on women that I want.

I’ve listed some combos which are extremely effective – the first one of the “core”, and the ones after are secondary but powerful add-ons.

  • Nude Alpha + androstadienone. I’d recommend getting bothered with them from Liquid Alchemy Labs (just go to the singles section to pick up androstadienone). I was one of the first ones to believe that NA contained a molecule called “androstenetrione”, which creates a very powerful attention-grabbing effect. You can see people from a very good distance away staring or giving eye contact. It’s extremely magnetic and produces a very visible beautifying effect.
  • XiSt + Love boat. Bother products are by PheromoneXS – XiSt has been on my radar for its friendzone destroying, relationship resetting effects ever since I first got my hands on it… it’s been a useful tool for many different situations. From repairing things with an ex to attracting women who wouldn’t normally be interested. It’s a staple in my arsenal. Love Boat is an additional product I recommend using it with as it speeds up and amplifies the slow burn imprint/fallout effect.
  • Alfa Maschio + True Love. I’ve written a lot about the bad ass effects AM can produce, and how the vibe just matches my personality naturally. Being assertive, confident, and more… however, combined with True Love, it becomes a completely different animal. It’s the good vs evil contrast that just makes it so magnetic to women. Women who would normally be attracted to the good guys will find the darkness appealing, while women who would be attracted to the “bad boys” will find the good from True Love appealing. Both of them combined make a killer combo.

Anyway, these are some of my combinations so far, for creating a highly effective “imprint” or fallout effect on women.

It’s just amazing how women will fall head over heels, even though you may essentially still be the same person without wearing pheromones.

But by simply changing your pheromones, you change how you’re perceived.

And as a result, create completely different effects on people with your personality (just think about that for a while).