As we have said pheromone seduction can be divided into phases. It is important to know them all. If you have a clear mental scheme you will be prepared when in action. You will be then much more effective with your pheromones thanks to pheromones for women |

Once you have become an expert in pheromone seduction, you will also be able to perform variations on the theme, like a virtuoso. At the beginning, however, try to follow these phases. The phases of pheromone seduction are: A. Finding a woman. B. Establishing Initial contact (Opening and Small talk). C. Building Attraction & establishing Rapport & Comfort. I believe that these 3 stages may happen at the same time depending on the woman you are with. D. Seducing her. E. Closing her = Seducing her into having sex with you or rejecting her and telling her why or simply rejecting her without any explanation, i.e. ending the relationship with her forever. The Rapport & Comfort phase is not essential with all women. Check out these pheromones at my site.

After you have shown Alpha qualities, some women may want to have sex with you and only after do they ask you your name. For some other women – especially those with high self-esteem and those with deep feelings of guilt about sex and attraction – Rapport & Comfort can be very important.

For other women, especially those with fears or shyness, pheromone perfume can be extremely important. Nevertheless, you can also succeed in seducing a woman without Rapport & Comfort. You cannot succeed in seducing a woman, however, without Attraction. Psychologically disturbed women are a possible exception to this. Ideally the phases are executed all in the course of a single meeting with the woman. They can nevertheless also be executed in the course of different meetings.

Anyway, if you meet her in the course of several meetings you will often be in the situation that you have to start her pheromone seduction again from the beginning.

According to Pheromones Planet, women’s pheromones follow the law of “here and now” and in most of the cases they do not have logical and temporal continuity. With a woman you cannot count too much on the attraction she “had” for you last time you met each other, because her pheromones can be totally different the next time you meet her.

In most cases you will need to start the pheromone seduction game any single time from the beginning. In the course of the first meeting, you should at least obtain her telephone number or her email and have some chance of meeting her again. You have to build at least some attraction.