Pheromone olfactory detection is composed of separate neural pathways that regulate a number of chemosensory functions. These pathways branch out to separate functioning systems. One, which detects odors, begins in the olfactory region in the nasal cavity and sends information via the olfactory nerve to the olfactory bulb in the brain. The other pathway begins in the vomeronasal organ and terminates in the accessory olfactory bulb in the brain. While the main olfactory system is responsible for such basic behaviors as grooming and feeding, the accessory olfactory system, or the vomeronasal system, receives and processes pheromones.

It’s important to note here that pheromones are species-specific; that is, a pheromone from a silkworm moth will only attract another silkworm moth and not a butterfly according to top-rated pheromones for 2016 |

Discovering Animal Pheromones

The Johns Effect
In 1978 Margaret Johns, then a doctoral candidate at Rutgers University in the school’s Institute of Animal Behavior, designed and conducted an experiment to explore how environmental influences can affect ovulation in rats. In many cases, female animals ovulate after copulation, but johns found that the female rats in her study ovulated when exposed, even briefly, to the urine of a male rat; copulation was not required.

The finding was exciting, but Johns had to answer a greater question: Why? She suspected it might be connected to the sense of smell, but her instinct told her another mechanism could be involved. She went back to her laboratory and discovered that when the female rats were separated from the males, even if by a short distance, the females did not ovulate. Learn more about pheromones.

Meanwhile, graduate student Anne Mayer had developed a way to seal off the animal’s VNO, thereby preventing it from detecting pheromones thanks

Johns already knew about the VNO, but she had not tailored her experiments around that organ. 
Using Pheromones in Your Relationship
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