Liquid Trust is a pheromone cologne that does not only contain pheromones, it also has Oxytocin, making it the first product of its kind to contain this ingredient.


Oxytocin is a hormone that promotes bonds with others. It creates a sense of trust and strengthens and maintain interpersonal relationships, thus the product’s name.

The pheromones included in the product are Androstenone and Androsterone. Androstenone gives off the aura of male dominance while Androsterone works with Oxytocin in promoting a sense of trust and is not as overbearing as Androstenone.

Does Liquid Trust Work?

Liquid Trust ReviewBeing the first hormone spray, this product is indeed one of a kind and based on numerous consumer reports, this product really works in building trust!

After putting on Liquid Trust, you will notice that people you run into will quickly and unconsciously pick up on the Oxytocin cologne you are wearing.

People around you will suddenly develop a strong trusting feeling towards you, without really knowing why.

The recommended dosage is 1-2 sprays and you’re good to go. It comes with a guarantee of 90 days and is fairly affordable.

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How Oxytocin Affects People

According to the ‘closeness model’, closeness through touch, warmth and light pressure give rise to the stimulation of nerves in the skin, leading to increased social interaction but also well-being and an immediate calming and relaxing effect.

Of course, all the other senses also contribute towards the beneficial effects. When the closeness ends, the well-being and calm gradually subside. And, if gone for too long, are replaced by discomfort, anxiety, and tension.

During closeness, there is a sense of well-being, calm, and relaxation whilst during separation, worry and tension arise.

In this way, for example, the small child and the parent or the couple in love are drawn to each other. Closeness also stimulates the body’s own healing system.

In this closeness model, oxytocin has a key role. Oxytocin is a substance originally associated with childbirth and breastfeeding but which also belongs with touch, closeness, and nutrition.

Oxytocin has a more important and complicated role than previously thought because it is also involved in a number of different bodily and mental processes.

Furthermore, the closeness model is overarching or constantly underlying the biological and neurophysiological structural and explanatory model for human social interactions and intimate relationships.

In the past, especially in areas such as psychology and stress research, the emphasis was on the active role of separation. It is known that this is associated with discomfort and with elevated levels of stress hormones.

But the calming effect of closeness has never been included in the model of explanation. In the closeness model, the focus is on relationships and touch.

What I Like

  • Liquid Trust is perfect to have on if you are a salesman and you want to increase your sales.
  • People will almost always buy from someone they trust.
  • This Oxytocin cologne is also ideal if you are going for an important job interview
  • Building rapport with women will become effortless, and you may not even have to since they trust you already.
  • Women find it easier to open up to you.

What Could Be Better

  • This product is not a good sex attractant.
  • Women may see you more as a friend than a partner.

To conclude, Liquid Trust Oxytocin cologne is ideal if you are only trying to get others trust you more.

Perhaps you are a traveling salesman and you deal mostly with housewives, you’ll get more success selling if you spray on some of this cologne.

You may also find this product handy if you want to start your relationship with a certain woman as friends. Either way, this is not a good product to use if you are looking for more sexual encounters.