Pheromones give men an unfair advantage according to The things for her very difficult will be exactly the ones who will be able to get laid the most with her. Get it? They are the ones with most value and the highest market price. They are the ones she wants to have sex with at the most as they take away the boredom. They will take away from her that terrible boredom of having this “chocolate bar” so easily getting between her legs.

Pheromones Make Getting Laid Easy

This is one of the big gest reasons women fall so easily for bad guys and psychopaths of any kind. These guys wear pheromones to influence the womens behavior and attraction soley for the purpose of sex. They make for them things difficult, very difficult, and increase the thrill and the challenge connected with sex. Learn about female sex pheromones |

You will not like this one if you are a nice guy and if you have the Madonna/ whore complex: women get laid a lot and they have sex all the time. This may seem in contrast with the reason above, but it’s not. What is difficult for women is to find a guy who gives to them challenges , thrill and good sex. Learn about the power of pheromones.

Average sex, well, they get it all the time! When you meet a beautiful woman, always assume that she is getting laid a lot until contrary is proven. Also assume that women will never blow up their cover in matters of how much they get laid. This will depend on how strong your pheromones are. You can’t know for sure. They have been blamed for their sexuality for centuries and have learned to hide their sexual desire from men. Hiding the sexual desire from a man has biological reasons as well. – Another reason is that a woman can play a “double game” all the time if she really wants to.

A female can hide who is the real father of her child from the man, and in that way, have one genetically weaker man who is “nicer” into the provider and caregiver role, while having another more dangerous and strong “warrior” impregnating her with powerful sexual pheromones and his strong genetic material. The latter would really not be a good candidate as husband and father exactly because of his warrior and dangerous nature.

Pheromones Have Power

So women can get in this way the best of all worlds. For her being able to do this, she has to hide her sexual desire from men. This only increases her sense of being entitled to special pheromone perfumes and scents as she can at any time with light hearted flirting remind her man that she can _ at need _ have him father the child of another man. – The huge strength of a female sexual pheromone is another factor and the fact that it is carefully hidden from men according to me. Her sexual desire is overwhelming because it comes through her emotionality and it is strictly linked with verbal expression of feelings and emotions. So another reason for her need of controlling her sexual desire is: her hormonal and emotional changes are so overwhelming that she is very often puzzled and worried by them herself, and at times, even scared by them.