She will simply not follow his pheromone trail. Pheromones have a much more important meaning in woman’s world than in man’s world. If you want to become an expert seducer, you need to learn to use words in the right way.

I will teach you how. Let’s learn now on practical level at how we can attract a woman in her own pheromone language. What a strange sensation! Suddenly I saw that there is a tremendous connection between us. I imagined the sensation of a cup of coffee between us put there on the table, the intensity of a deep, extraordinary talk.

Do you see the difference between pheromones?

The first phrase is a logical deduction. True, if you use the logical way to say something, you will surely have your message reach the woman. But that will take you nowhere in terms of pheromone seduction according to

In fact, she does not give a shit about you two being singles and about how “logically” you could be a couple. With that phrase, you gave her absolutely no emotions to feel. Try to imagine you tell a male friend the second phrase: the first thing coming to his mind will be, for sure, that you have become gay. Well, the second phrase is the effective one in the field of pheromone seduction with a woman thanks to

The second phrase expresses the same thing but in a completely different way. There are words like “predestination”, “the colors of the room”, “a tremendous connection.” Those words tell about feelings and deep sensations.

Let’s now imagine that she asks: “What’s your favorite pheromone perfume?” A logical phrase: “My name is Mark. My favorite pheromone cologne is Pherazone.”

Could you even imagine a male friend talking to you in that way? You would consider him crazy or gay! Well, it is only your male reaction. I can swear that at this moment I have in the set of my MLTRs (see please the chapter about MLTRs) a few women, who still call me “James” in spite of the fact that I have been going with them for months already. Learn more about pheromones at

Attract Her With Cheap Pheromones

Just for fun, buy some cheap pheromones with androstenone. You will find a lot of phrases that are really vague, complicated, unbelievable and tortuous, and most of all emotional.

Women love everything that men hate the most in this area. They love everything influencing their mental state and provoking emotions. Women love exactly what most men hate: emotional over-involvement. One interesting thing: most men generally have no clue at all that women love both positive and negative emotions. They can enjoy the emotions caused by a beautiful flower as well as the emotions caused by a bill not being paid in time.