Based on my experience with pheromones, this maintains their erotic desire on an extremely high level. But be careful! You need to be good in dosing out your pheromone cologne. Too much and you may loose the woman.

No one can stand being on the edge for too long a time with pheromones. You need to give something too, just like women do. Give just something, but not too much. Learn about pheromones.

She Awaits Your Pheromone Scent

She is waiting for the moment you say the magic subservient words to the answering machine: “I have been trying to call you for such a long time, Darling! I am waiting with anxiety the moment I can meet you! Are you sure you are okay, baby?” Wrong, wrong, wrong ! Check out the best pheromones for 2016 |

She will think or better feel on her pheromonal instinctual level: “What a self-confident guy! Maybe it would be better to be nicer to him. Maybe he is already in contact with that English lady.” If she does not contact you, tease her even more by using alpha-male pheromones according to me. You call her again and tell her another funny story.

She will not be able to resist. Sooner or later she will be eager to see you and will do something to show this. Obviously the above example is a bit simple and banal. With practice, however, you will be able to use the above strategy smoothly by “hiding” it in the context of a normal conversation.

An important rule: if you are forced to choose between the women you want to seduce or break the rule of the VNO, it is in any case always better, and in your favor, to lose the woman. You would lose her anyway in the long run if the pheromone attraction is in her favor – at any rate you would lose her as a sexual being and lose her respect too – and even more you would enter the subservient state in a much more painful way than if you had let her go from the beginning.

The pheromone attraction must be always in your favor: you must never let yourself to be in a subservient mental state in the course of a pheromone seduction or in a long term relationship. Always apply the above rule: it is a formula for masculine erotic happiness.

Of course, pheromone seduction is not only connected with genetics and the instinct to procreate.