Pherlure contains di-dehydroepiandrosterone. This is an ingredient which is advertised by the makers of this product as an authentic human pheromone. It supposedly works to increase an individual’s pheromone levels in the blood.


Di-dehydroepiandrosterone has been tested by the University of Chicago. The company guarantees that the use of their product can help men attract women.

The target market for this product includes men who need a little boost of confidence around women. One or two sprays is all that you need. Pherlure is supposed to last approximately 4 to 8 hours from the time of application.

Does Pherlure Work?

PherlureA closer look at dehydroepiandrosterone reveals that this is actually a naturally occurring steroid hormone secreted by the body’s endocrine organs.

This hormone’s function in regulating the growth and development of the male secondary sex characteristics and it also acts as the precursor to estrogen.

Dehydroepiandrosterone is, in fact, an androgen or in other words, testosterone.

There has been no established study saying that this androgen also acts as a pheromone. Check out the best pheromones for 2016 |

What I Like

  • Increases the wearer’s self-confidence
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Get more attention from women

Use Pheromones In Your Favor

The pheromone attraction must be always in your favor: you must never let yourself to be in a subservient mental state in the course of a pheromone seduction or in a long-term relationship. Always apply the above rule: it is a formula for masculine erotic happiness.

Of course, pheromone seduction is not only connected with genetics and the instinct to procreate.

What Could Be Better

  • No evidence that the main ingredient di-dehydroepiandrosterone really works as a pheromone and can manipulate human behavior.
  • The product received mixed reviews from user


Pherlure could just be another pheromone product making impossible claims. Although the 30-day money back guarantees with no questions asked policy is attractive, it is still unwise to invest in something that may easily turn out to be a waste of time. Besides, the product is rather expensive, more so than other more credible products available in the market.

The mixed reviews the product received don’t offer a definitive conclusion so to be on the safe side, it will be better to opt for a pheromone product with a more proven track record or one that provides transparent clinical evidence that can back up its claims.

Women love pheromones. Based on my experience with pheromones, they increase a woman’s erotic desire on an extremely high level.

But be careful! You need to be good in dosing out your pheromone cologne. Too much and you may lose the woman. If you want a good pheromone, then check out my Pherazone review.