Most of the people here are inherently qualified – they went through a process to get this pheromone  information and are making an effort to learn and grow.

You don’t have to qualify them further. This advice has added my game immensely. Why would I give it out to fools who chose to mock me rather then think about what I was saying LOL. we all choose are approach in life, (if I may quote the knight form the last crusade) “they chose poorly”. if you want the PM sent to you just ask bro.

I talked about my experiences, with companies and more specifically these products. Some articles they should read and my theory’s on best way to apply and use pheromones (based on testing). I also recommended they view other users results and try to find a seemingly like person to figure out there “golden formula” of pheromones. As perfecting the art of smell (the sense most connected to memory and as such associative processes) is finally done in the creation of a “person specific” formula offering you all the things you want “supplemented”, based on what you have already used pheromones.

To make a short description all the more confusing I’ll add that I have tried various companies and most offer products with “secret ingredients” not listen in “chemical dictionaries” and as such are “made up”. These you can find even on medical dictionaries on the web, there well known about pheromones. As I maybe said as My brain is working to fast, I have tried 5 products. one of the products did not work for me and 4 of them worked great! Learn about pheromones |

These worked for me:

turn up the heat

instant shine

instant oppeness


this one did not:

Instant honesty

They have horribly cliche names and the prices are steep for a damn cologne in my opinion but there effects are most evident in my usage. I would not use any other pheromone product as the ones I have tried (besides these on this site) don’t work. These DO, but be very cautious ordering as my card information was stolen once after making a purchase here. Maybe it was my fault maybe it was there, the credit card company handled it and all was good. My advice is to just review what you see and after material absorption, as its my hopes you become one of the next pheromone experts, you may look to experiment with them. Learn about top 5 pheromones for men |

After seeing as how this is a shitty descriptions and not a personally approached book like I wrote the last people, I apologies. Forgive me and please accept the information as it is, I fear I have failed you. LOL. Then again you might find this all “bad ass” and be all about learning more pheromone theory. In both cases thank you for taking the time to ask.

That was the last PM I sent out, I was running out of time and was being picked up by this girl who wanted to hang out. I still hadn’t taken a shower and was very rushed, I apologies but that’s the best description of what I sent out without it being a book in length or boring for “different readers”.