Pheromones are nasal stimulants produced by the body in very small quantities and are designed to arouse the interest of the opposite gender.

Nowadays the media carries advertisements of so many such products that I don’t think that there may be anybody who is completely unaware of the subject.

These products claim to contain substances that are human pheromones or their equivalents produced in a lab.

However, the primary question remains, whether such a thing does produce practical results? Described below is our view on the issue.

The Facts on Pheromones

It can be irrefutably stated that the sense of smell does play a huge role in physical attraction. A man having a favorable opinion of your odor will be more inclined towards you.

At the pinnacle of passion, the nose pervades with the smell of your partner. If this smell is alluring, then it will lead to nothing but a heightened intensity of excitement.


Scientific evidence on the topic is not conclusive. Although there is no dearth of research on the subject results are a mixed bag.

Some studies have pointed towards a raised level of awareness from men who were presented with the smells others have yielded statistically insignificant results.

However, even the naysayers have been unable to produce contrary conclusions.

What Does it all Mean?

In spite of the inconclusive nature of evidence, there are a considerable number of people who vouch for the substance. They claim to have perfected the art of pheromone use through experience.

Many have also created their own blends through experiments and trials of various products to produce a super blend for seducing men.

Thus it becomes rather difficult to debunk the theory of pheromones when it has so many faithful adherents.

Should You Try Pheromones?

Many women are interested in the efficacy of pheromones but hesitate to try them. Our view on the issue is – why not give it a try? It definitely seems to have helped many to garner masculine attention.

Even if it does not work, where is the harm? The cost is certainly not prohibitive, so as to deter a trial. Our studied opinion is that pheromones perform better with some physiologies as compared to others. One may never know for certain without a trial.

As G.B. Shaw once said ‘Be bold – and the mighty forces will come to your aid’.

Pheromone Mechanism

Communication is an integral part of the natural world. Not all of it is verbal. The body secretes some chemical compounds which act as nasal stimulants through the aerial route for those around.

These are designed to elicit some fundamental responses like procreation.

In this article, we will discuss why and how pheromones attract men and women. Pheromones are there in nature to facilitate communication and thereby modify the response.

Honey bees use pheromones to communicate with other bees if their hive is in danger. Different species make use of pheromones for various purposes such as leading others towards food or marking territory.


Luck is defined at the point where opportunity meets preparation. Pheromones are a starting point of your preparation towards an improved quality of life, heightened the sense of well being and self-esteem.