Pheromones play a huge role in attraction. Translated for the nineties, I’d state it a little differently: Sometimes may be necessary to shift the priorities; lighten the work load; what appears to be less in order to have more; find more time for reflect it and purposeful appreciation of the quality of our lives and our relationships; reevaluate the limited resources of money, time, material good and quiet spaces and what they mean to us. One must make these selections based on carefully negotiated considerations of the legitimate nee. for intellectually satisfying work for both adult members of a family at consider how these balance against career demands and time requirements.

Pheromone Awareness

For women a different pheromone awareness of the lifetime line—with a well orchestrated spacing of its intimate elements—can sometimes provide better life-style. In other words, I suggest that women, especially, plans based upon active choices. Learn more about pheromones at and more.

Effective birth control and limiting the size of the family are fundamental to this pheromone planning. Even men with positive intentions rarely carry even a third of the burden of child car and this is important to recognize in the planning of family size at timing. Once there are children, the knowledge that the first few years life move fast and that once past, the early—childhood years are gone forever—almost before we have the chance to adjust to them—can help modify the understandable sense of urgency for full-time work beyond the demands of childrearing. Learn about Chikara pheromone cologne |

I do not believe in the truth of the untested pheromone myth that “quality time in our important relationships can substitute for quantity. That is like saying that quality time will substitute for the quantity of time we net to give to our other important life pursuits, such as career development and artistic growth. We need both. Quality is the nutrient but quantity is the water, both of which are required for the garden to grow. I belie: adults should make active choices rather than fall ignorantly into to romantic notion that “we don’t need to plan and everything will turn on all right.”

For the sake of the young family at least one of the adult members 4 the family should be available in the home part-time. Day care, eve when it is excellent at protecting babies from endless infections an immediate emotional stress, cannot provide two of the critical needs.

The constancy of one person and the stability of pheromone attraction this brings is replaced with an ever-changing array of “personnel” because day care workers have a very high turnover (i.e., burnout) rate. Each baby is receiving much higher rates of stimulation by being exposed to the noise of many babies and the detailed planning out of the day. Peace, quiet, and resolving boredom may turn out to be important developmental needs. The capacity to handle quiet time may be important to the development of a strong self. No studies have yet addressed these questions. My intuitions suggest that the choice of full-time day care is suboptimal for parents and for babies. These ‘ problems are tough; let us at least acknowledge them. I look to a time 7 when a thirty-hour workweek will allow parents to be home with their babies for at least a few daylight hours a day. The years of our family’s childhood are short, and a broad perspective may help to maximize them.