Pheromones are found in colognes and perfumes and marketed as a way to increase sexual attraction in both men and women. Pheromones are so damn sensual and warm, I feel reborn when I come out of it. Just by using one spray, you can drastically improve the way women respond to you.

The first time I used Pherazone was a really sensual experience. I think Pherazone is a sensual playful thing anyway and it has one of the most powerful concentrations on the market of any cologne.

These pheromone experiences are examples, but today I became conscious that these things make my life a lot more awesome than before. It has an amazing and astounding effect really. And now that I know that I do this, I will apply this more when I feel a little bit down with real pheromones according to and

The behaviour change in me that I notice little things more (2 months ago I didn’t do this) is definitely because of androstenone found in real pheromones.

No negativity in pheromone attraction:

I don’t really have negativity in the pheromone oils I used, but since this is such an important concept and I saw an awesome quote in an amazon review, I decided to try Nexus. If I ever experience negativity, then I know Nexus pheromones don’t work.

How to manage your pheromones while going out?

One of the best ideas I’ve ever had (for my sleep at least): just go out for 1 to 2 hours. If you feel tired around 9 o clock, go to sleep and go out at 2 to 4 for instance.

With pheromones, there are underlying mechanisms that make everything work. Everything that’s ever worked with meeting women whether it’s using games, routines, negging, being cocky and funny, any of the tactics… They work not because there’s anything magical about the lines themselves, or what you’re saying, they work because they paint a picture of the type of guy that is attractive to women.

Mindful state vs pheromones state

I felt pressure from a pheromone user to approach every girl in the club. I don’t like that pressure. I don’t know if it’s an excuse not to approach girls or that it is legit. Nowadays I prefer to look at people their faces and draw conclusions based on that. I find it quite easy to see in what kind of state all the girls (or guys) are in.

I’m going to split test this for a while. Night A is going to be ‘Chikara and Nexus’. Night B is going to be ‘Pherazone’, aka approaching the whole club. Check out pheromone cologne |

Maybe I should approach the whole club with Pherazone as well, but I need to do it from a frame of love and the reducing of suffering, instead of ‘getting girls’. A way to reduce suffering is to give joy, empathy, pleasant surprises, high fives and hugs So come to think of it in night A I also should approach everyone, to check in what they need.

Still, I need to split tests the two paradigms of thinking of real pheromones. The mindful way of thinking is quite new and in some ways a paradox on the whole PUA thing. I didn’t uncover all paradoxes yet. Come to think of it: when I go out mindfully, it’s a lot more enjoyable than in andro pheromones. Actually going out mindfully is just as enjoyable as kissing a girl most of the time.