Pheromones are chemical molecules that occur naturally and are secreted by fertile animal bodies. Post-secretion,pheromones emit an airborne signal to members of the opposite sex of the same species, who respond based on what that airborne signal is telling them. If the signal attracts them, they fall for the pheromone-emitter.

Pheromones work in miraculous way. The olfactory system is connected to our brain’s limbic system, which triggers sexual responses. So, when the pheromone-ic signal passes through the nose, it lands up straight in the area that pulls the sexual trigger. This is why the odor or the signal of the pheromones stirs up sexual emotions in the opposite sex.Pheromones can work with telling effect on a date. Learn about pheromones that work |

The scientific community always knew that pheromones promoted the propagation of species in animals. However, it was Martha McClintock, a psychologist, who started the human pheromone trend in 1971. As an undergraduate at the Wellesley College, she published a study that proved that the menstrual cycle of women who lived in close proximity happened at the same time. She attributed this effect to pheromones. The scientific community rewarded her by terming this occurrence as the “McClintock effect.”

Way back in 1986, Dr Winnifred Cutler, the founder of Athena Institute, conducted supervised scientific research that documented the presence of pheromones in human beings. Research soon intensified and the “human pheromones and sex” connection was discovered. This revolutionized the perfume industry and pheromone products made their appearance. By the year 2005, scientists had already diced and chopped into pheromones and classified four toppheromones, which are:

1. Pheromones that trigger human attraction and sex

2. Pheromones that help a newly-born child identify his mother (mother-infant pheromones)

3. Pheromones that synchronize the menstruation cycles of women living in close proximity.

4. Pheromones that define “territory.” For example, a male who wants other males to keep off his woman will emit suchpheromones.

These are the top pheromones. The pheromones that you get in stores are mainly used in dating. These pheromonesattract the opposite sex and then one thing leads to another. According to research conducted by the Monell Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia, male underarm sweat contains pheromones, which generate a sexual response from women. Male pheromones play very strongly on a woman’s “sexual” senses. If the pheromones’ signal attracts her, she will think that the male is very desirable and must be mated with.

Bathing, applying perfumes and other cosmetic products actually dilutes the effect of the pheromones. However, this does not mean that you should stop bathing altogether – if you do that, women will treat you like a skunk, no matter how powerful your top pheromones smell. You can control or give up on cosmetic products though.

Pheromones are not limited to humans. Some insects discharge pheromones to alert others of danger lurking nearby. The response of the insects to such pheromones-emission can be defensive or aggressive. Most animals emitpheromones and this helps them attract the opposite sex. Sprays that trap insects and pests contain syntheticpheromones (of the female pest). However, overuse of such sprays can lead to an ecological imbalance in the insect world. Learn about pheromone cologne at

Advantages of pheromones

Pheromones are natural and are present wherever there’s life. You will be surprised to learn that females of a few species emit pheromones to convey to the males that they are ready to have sex. Pheromones, in fact, ensure continuity of a species and this is the biggest advantage of these chemical molecules. They preserve life, enable evolution, and help develop posterity. Warning fellow species of impeding danger, and communicating with fellow members of the same species, are the other distinct advantages of all the top pheromones. The biggest plus of pheromones is that they help 40+ humans lead a sexually active life. If it not were for pheromones, aging humans would not be able to attract the opposite sex. Learn more about pheromones at

Pheromones products are must-have and must-use, especially if you are above 40. You must not get dissuaded by the skeptics because there’s ample evidence in favor of pheromonesPheromones are all about natural chemical communication. Many scientific studies have established beyond doubt that pheromones help in the continuation of the species. They cause attraction, and without attraction, all sex would be meaningless. So, if you want to have a meaningful date that comes loaded with a powerful climax, reach out for top pheromones, and have a great time.