This write up is an attempt at clearing up some of the misinformation floating around regarding pheromones, and in the process help you from being conned off your hard earned money.

There are so many spurious products masquerading as originals that one has to explore the labyrinths to reach for the actual facts. Yet there will be no guarantee of being defrauded.

So I will forcefully recommend you to read on to gather the requisite information about human pheromones.

Three Pheromones That Work

113834_2There are mainly three substances which widely are accepted as pheromone substances. These are androstenone, androsterone, and androstenol. These three substances are basically known to work and have a wide acceptance within the pheromone community.

So if somebody wishes to purchase human pheromones the pheromone cologne or product should have at least one of the above-mentioned substances.

I would endorse androstenone as primary substance. The other substances pale in comparison from a sexual arousal standpoint.

If the product or pheromone cologne you have come across does not specify contents or lists those as “secret” chances are that this product won’t work so don’t buy it.

The company must declare in public domain that its product contains at least one of the three substances specified above.

Androstenone is the most potent pheromone

This has not been scientifically proven. However, it is widely believed that androstenone should be the primary ingredient in any pheromone product.

So it is infinitely more logical to buy an androstenone intensive product and then mix it with pheromone products or perfume as against buying already prepared pheromone cologne.

This matter becomes all the more significant if you are a beginner. Androstenone can alter a person’s mood and behavior. So it is rather easy for a beginner or a newbie to distinguish these effects if that person is wearing androstenone.

Human Pheromones also have Unpleasant Side Effects

Human pheromones possess the potency to change a person’s behavior. It can alter the user as well as those who are in near vicinity.

The pleasant effect is that men or women will become more attracted towards the user.

However, an overdose so to speak may have an adverse impact. This often happens when someone douses oneself with too much of androsterone.

An overdose usually is an irritant. The user and those around him may become susceptible to being irritated.

The manifestation may be in the form of a sudden and inexplicable burst of temper. It is important to be careful about this symptom as it can cause harm to your relationship with your lover and/or your friends, inadvertently.

Human Pheromones Expire

Pheromones break down under certain conditions. This is a significant point and may lead to a defective product. I have myself experienced this a few times and had to return the product.

Of course, the fortunate thing was that the site from where I had made my purchases offered a 100% replacement or cash back guarantee.

This will happen to other people also. One of the factors leading to pheromone decay is a high temperature. Most times high temperature is caused due to sunlight.

So if I have ordered a product like say Alter Ego and it gets exposed to excessive sunlight on its way to my home, the pheromones within it will break down and the product will no longer be potent.

You can tell this has happened to the smell of the product. It is bound to become (the smell) freakish or weird. So always store your pheromone colognes in a cool, dry and shady place at room temperature.

The pheromone companies and pheromone vendors are aware of this fact very well.

There may be a number of reasons which may render this product impotent or worthless, so they do not hesitate to replace a defective product.

So don’t give a second thought to it, just return it if it doesn’t work. Customer satisfaction should be a primary motive if you wish to retain them for a long term.

Human pheromones need a catalyst to be effective

Every pheromone user must be aware of this truth. It is immaterial whether the user is a green horn or veteran. Human pheromones cannot work in isolation.

You cannot hope to enamor someone with smell alone. At least one of the remaining four senses (human beings possess five senses) ought to be stimulated positively to make the pheromones work for you.

The brain also needs to be stimulated since it remains the primary factor in attracting somebody. This fact alone needs elaboration worth a full article for it to make sense so I won’t delve into it deeply.

You are welcome to check out other articles written by me if you wish to know more. The easiest catalyst is appearance. If a girl is attracted to you by the way you dress up then the human pheromones will multiply that attraction exponentially.

However, if such is not the case or that girl is actually put off by something which you may have done earlier human pheromones will not work for you, or they might even increase the attraction of somebody else who standing close to you, but not yours.

Advantages of pheromones

Pheromones are natural and are present wherever there’s life. You will be surprised to learn that females of a few species emit pheromones to convey to the males that they are ready to have sex.

The biggest plus of pheromones is that they help 40+ humans lead a sexually active life. If it were not for pheromones, aging humans would not be able to attract the opposite sex. Learn more about pheromones at

Pheromone Products Give You An Advantage

pheromone effectsPheromones products are must-have and must-use, especially if you are above 40. You must not get dissuaded by the skeptics because there’s ample evidence in favor of pheromones.  Learn about pheromone cologne at

Pheromones are all about natural chemical communication. Many scientific studies have established beyond doubt that pheromones help in the continuation of the species.

They cause attraction, and without attraction, all sex would be meaningless. So, if you want to have a meaningful date that comes loaded with a powerful climax, reach out for top pheromones, and have a great time.

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