There are many different pheromones that men can use to attract women, and each type of pheromone cologne will have a different effect on each woman that you interact with. Pherazone is one of the most popular types of pheromone colognes, and it is considered to be one of the most effective and powerful as well. If you are looking for some way to interest members of the opposite sex, you may find that Pherazone is exactly what you need. Learn about pheromone cologne |

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemicals that are produced by the body for the purpose of attracting members of the opposite sex. These chemicals are created by the bodies of both men and women alike, though each gender produces their ownpheromones that have an effect on the opposite sex. The chemicals are sent out through the sweat and other body fluids, and they are detected by a small organ in the nose known as the VNO. 80% of the people in the world have a VNO, meaning that 20% of the people in the world will be unaffected by the pheromones.

When the chemicals are detected by the VNO, the chemical response signals are sent to the hypothalamus in the brain. The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that is responsible for controlling the emotions and mood, and it is known as the pleasure center of the brain. When the chemical signals being communicated by the pheromones are sent to the hypothalamus, the result is quickened breathing, elevated heart rate, and improved mood. These are all signs of sexual arousal, though pheromones are not directly responsible for stimulating the sexual organs. The response of the brain to the chemicals causes the person to think that they are being sexually aroused, and thus the chemical signals are linked to increase sexual arousal. Learn more about Pherazone Ultra at

Why Pherazone?

One of the best things about Pherazone is the fact that it contains 18mg of the highly effective chemicals, nearly 3 times as much as many of the competing brands. This triples the effectiveness of the formula, and the elegant scent of the pheromone cologne makes it a winning product. The scent of the cologne alone is enough to attract women, but the added pheromones ensure that any women getting a whiff of Pherazone are sure to be entranced.

Pherazone is a product that has undergone dozens of rigorous tests to ensure its safety and effectiveness, and you can rest assured that the extensive research that has gone into the production of this pheromone cologne has proven that it is one of the most powerful of the colognes. It has much longer lasting power than many other colognes, as it lasts no less than 6 hours in regular situations. It uses androstenol and androstadienol as the principal pheromone ingredients of the cologne, both of which are the manly chemicals that attract women as effectively as possible. Learn about Pherazone results |

Pherazone Pros

There are a number of reasons to use Pherazone:

  • The delightful scent of the pheromone cologne is already nearly enough to attract most women, and the added pheromone chemicals serve to make it even more effective.
  • The DVD course that accompanies the cologne teaches you everything you need to know about these chemicals.
  • The product has been used by many customers, all of whom have given the product high reviews.
  • You can find both unscented and scented products easily.

Pherazone Cons

The main downside is that it is only available online, and you cannot find it in stores to test it out for yourself. Despite that, the 30 day money back guarantee ensures that you always get your money’s worth and can return the product if you are not satisfied.

In Conclusion

In the end, it can’t hurt to try a product that is guaranteed to increase your charm and appeal to the ladies. You may find that Pherazone is exactly what you need to improve your love life and give you a greater chance of getting lucky much more often. Learn more about Pherazone at