Steve a reader of my newsletter, he wrote to tell me his story. He is a man with an incredible-sized phallus as thick as a man’s wrist (over 8″ around). Because of his unique talents, he has employed himself as an “escort” to some of E‘ the nation’s most powerful women. For a three figure fee, he services women who seek to be fully penetrated with his horse-sized organ. He comments how each woman is built differently, and frankly. a few have been unable to accommodate him. The size of the genital is important for only two reasons: 1) the psychological effect on the man who happens to think his penis is too short and 2) its compatibility with the size of his partner’s vagina. It’s more important that the penis be compatible with its counter technique, what really matters to women is thickness. Using Size Genetics has helped men achieve the results they want. Learn more about Sizegenetics honest review |

Methods—Fact & Phallusy

Even gay men who engage in anal intercourse prefer thicker member provides greater sensation. Interestingly, they are referring only to consideration. To men, the game by which men compare hand. if women were doing the measuring would be girth.

Technique vs. size

We have been force-fed the important than size. My critique to this issue, and the expert technique AND size leave it untold. Actually. with equal importance. The making technique, rather Given the choice between a (22 cm) penis and a suave, (12 cm) cock. most of us stacking the deck, let’s say in attractiveness. mannerisms, choice would obviously go to guy. This is the researchers should ask, preference for the larger penis technique. Length is what matters for gay men.

What is the neurotic impact of the revelation that, in some cases, a penis may be too small? Does it shatter his ego or make him into a textual cripple? Do the facts of the matter serve to enlarge his anxiety? Or. does the truth lessen anxiety? Isn’t forewarned or forearmed? And isn’t it infinitely better to learn the facts of genital disproportion from

The advantages of a large penis, let’s first cover a few _ relevant to the female anatomy. While the vagina may be limp to a depth of 7″ (18 cm) or so when sexually stimulated, a man with 7″ (18 cm) penis will only be able to effect a 6″ (15 cm) penis (or less if he is overweight). Similarly. a man with an 8″ cm) organ might achieve a 7″ (18 cm) penetration. Dr. Stiller, M Organ Size theorizes that many women achieve orgasm by pressure on the cervix. A short penis (less than 6”) would have difficulty reaching the cervix. A thicker penis also more pressure to the area below the clitoris by stretching the vaginal opening., say, this book—than from a surprising and possibly traumatic experience? We always seem to place the blame on the woman. – loose.” “She’s too big,” “She’s not tight enough” are the i t often heard in the locker room. It’s time that men have the ability in sexual matters. For their own sanity, men should learn to accept their smaller status.