In this article, I discuss what makes SizeGenetics one of the best penis extender. Ask any guy you meet on the street if they are perfectly satisfied with how big their penis is. If they are being honest and unless you have come across one of the very few guys in this world, then the answer is going to be no. It is a simple fact of life – men are mostly not satisfied with how big their penis is. Some of them would want a penis that is longer, some would want a penis that is thicker. Some will want a penis that is both longer and thicker.


SizeGenetics is here to make this happen. It is a product that can finally provide those few inches that every man in this world would be happy to gain. When compared to other similar options, it is obvious and more than obvious that SizeGenetics is the only way to go. It is not unsafe and insanely expensive as surgery, it not unsafe as exercises, it is not inefficient like natural supplements used for the same purpose. It is the perfect balance of cost, efficiency, and safety.

SizeGenetics is a penis extender device which is put on and which is worn for at least 6 hours every day. It consists of a base which is placed around the base of your penis and that goes around your waist, keeping the device in place. It also has a ring which is padded and which is placed around the head of your organ. In between, there are rods which apply the stretching to your penis and thus cause it to increase in size.

What You Get

When you order Size Genetics penis extender, you will get a membership to a Penis Health network and DVD.  The membership includes 34 different penis exercises, including the notorious “jelqing” technique for penis enlargement.  There has been a lot of talk about penis exercises lately and whether they can really help you get a bigger penis.  The answer is that no, penis exercises probably aren’t going to give you a bigger penis – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing them!

How Penis Exercises Work

There are many different types of penis exercises but they mostly all have the same goal: to increase blood flow to the genitals.  This ensures that your penis cells remain healthy and strong enough to hold blood.  Over time, the cells learn to hold more blood so your erections get larger.  The improved circulation to the penis also means that your penis can hang bigger too.

Penis exercises have been performed for over a thousand years by various cultures and are still popular today.  They are usually done during puberty because this is when the most penis growth occurs.  By increasing blood circulation to the penis at this time, then penis can grow much larger.  If you wait until you are an adult to start penis exercises, you aren’t going to get much benefit. Learn more about Sizegenetics honest review |

The major downside of penis exercises is that they aren’t really practical.  To get benefits from penis exercises, you would have to do them for hours every day.  You can bet that your hand is going to get tired!  Plus, all of the jerking motion could cause your penis skin to get chaffed.  Even after all that jerking, improved blood flow can only increase penis size to a certain extent.

Penis Extenders Give the Benefits without the Effort

Penis extenders like Size Genetics are designed to give the benefits of penis enlargement exercises but without the effort.  When you wear Size Genetics, you are increasing blood flow to your penis and also promoting cell replication.  The penis growth that you experience from an extender is mostly from new cell growth.  However, if it weren’t for the boost in penile circulation, you wouldn’t be able to experience growth as quickly.

Combine Techniques for Maximum Growth

When you start penis enlargement, it is important for you to realize the difference in benefits from penis exercises and Size Genetics Extender.  Penis exercises mainly improve circulation whereas Size Genetics will mainly cause cell growth.  To get the best results from penis enlargement, you should wear Size Genetics as directed and also regularly perform penis exercises for about 15-20 minutes a day.

The penis exercises will also have the added benefit of making you a better performer in bed.  Aside from the enlargement exercises which come with Size Genetics, you will also find exercises designed to help you last longer in bed, control your orgasms, and increase pleasure.  With these skills and a larger penis, you can bet that your partner will be happy!