I had plenty of evidence that pheromones work in humans. Met this girl in a social circle who have been seeing/dating for the last 3 months. She was really into my pheromones (she bought be some really cool stuff from her travels, always really chatty, super affectionate, tones of sex) until recently and I’m trying to figure out why, figure out my mistakes (for next time) and what to do next. Learn about human pheromones | http://austingosser.bcz.com/

First off, I wasn’t completely into her pheromone scents due to not really wanting a relationship right now (I’m going traveling for 2 months very soon) and she was getting a little chubby, but didn’t seem to care about her weight. While I’ve been getting into my health and gym – so a little conflict there. I made the effort to help her out by offering to go to the gym with her, and teaching her about intermediate fasting but she seems to be more passionate about her food. I think she was getting annoyed at the fact I was so focused on this and indirectly suggesting she should get back into shape.

I don’t think this was the main reason for her to go cold recently – she basically went cold this Tuesday and all this getting fit and into shape stuff was brought up way earlier in the relationship. We were aware of the role that pheromones play in human attraction.

She went cold Tuesday this week, last time I saw her was Saturday night and stayed over her house. She made me dinner, watched two movies and we had sex (wasn’t great first time, try to smash her on the couch, couldn’t get hard but then smashed her in the bedroom). The sex pheromone was average but previously times it was decent.

She was really chatty Sunday, Monday, Tuesday via Facebook suggesting for me, her and my friend to do something together soon. Then suddenly from Wednesday she went cold.

By cold – stopped FB/texting me, I saw her at a friend’s party on sat, she barely spoke to me, I recently lost my phone and she said via Facebook “well this is awkward, I don’t want you to have my number anymore” I thought it was a joke initially but looks it’s not.

Overall I think the combination of being one foot in and out of the relationship, pretty certain she would have other guys who don’t give a shit about health/fitness who are into her (easier options.) Learn about pheromone cologne that women love.

Overall top girl personality wise, we had some really cool times together and i still want to continue our relationship as friends.

I’m just wondering what are some good pheromone cologne options from here?

I’m thinking of reaching out to her, going out for a coffee or something, and positioning as I wasn’t really looking into a relationship at this stage of my life, I think your awesome girl, we had really times/memories then telling her we should still hang out.

Maybe buy her a little gift. Do you also think its worth asking what changed, what went wrong?

Or i could do nothing but it would be just awkward next time i see her (which i will as she is in one of my social circles).