In this article, I discuss the best pheromones to get laid.

About Pheromones

Pheromones are natural chemicals found in the body that produce a natural scent. This scent attracts the opposite sex and creates an unexplainable chemistry between two individuals.

Studies say that some people are able to produce higher amounts of this natural chemical compared to other people. Those who are able to produce more pheromones attract more admirers.

Understanding Pheromones

CP28 Pheromones GirlPheromones were first found in insects. Studies have been done to prove the existence of pheromones in humans, but no study has conclusively proved it yet.

However, many companies such as Charlatans have advertised about human pheromones and their existence. Although evidence regarding its existence is doubtful, many people have started to recognize their existence.

In women, the type of pheromone released is called “copulin”. In men, the type of pheromone released is called “androstenone”. Pheromones are found in the sweat and saliva of a person.

They play a big role in attraction as well as sexual communication. Although not very noticeable, the body odor is actually one determining the factor of a person’s attraction. Males usually smell best for females, which means that men’s smell has the highest impact on women because it differs most from their own, and vice versa. Cliché as it may sound, but opposites do attract.

What are Pheromone Products?

Pherazone PheromonesPheromone products have been highly advertised and have become highly popular in the market today.

They are scents that are said to contain human pheromones that increase a person “appeal” to other people.

Depending on the product you are buying, the contents of these scents vary from one manufacturer to another.

Many manufacturers of the best pheromone products extract human pheromones from real people. They do this by collecting sweat from men and women’s underarm areas with the use of pads.

One pheromone product manufacturer was said to obtain pheromones from a singer named Sammy Kershaw and used them for a line of cologne.

Pheromone products are advertised as “a great way to get more admirers”, or “an effective way to have a girl or guy come to you”.

However, although pheromones do have an attracting power, not all women or men get attracted to the same kind of pheromone. Pheromones differ from one person to another, and attraction varies from different individuals.

This means that if one pheromone attracts a person, it doesn’t mean that it will also attract another person. This also means that there is no such thing as the “best pheromone product” because not one kind of pheromone can attract all individuals.

It all boils down to individual preferences and choices.

How To Purchase Good Pheromones

If you want to purchase the best pheromone products, the best thing to do is to do your research and find out whether the products are effective. One way to know about this is by reading unbiased reviews online.

Consider the price of the product as well. You do not want to end up spending for something that doesn’t work for you. Lastly, you also have to be comfortable with using a certain pheromone product before you try to use it.

You should seriously consider buying the best pheromone products from reputable manufacturers or distributors. Because of the popularity of pheromone-based products, many fake manufacturers have started selling and distributing products that do not contain real pheromones.

It is often safer to consider where you are buying it from to ensure that you will not be scammed. There are local stores that provide guarantees for the products that they sell.

You can also buy online but make sure that you buy from a reputable online store. Check out top pheromones proven to work.

Pheromone For Dating

Nexus Pheromones GirlTo prove that pheromones are effective in attracting people of the opposite sex, a certain pheromone-based product manufacturer tested their pheromone-based scents to two sets of female and male twins—identical twins Sarah and Bridget, and identical twins Paul and Dave. Sarah and Dave were asked to use a pheromone product.

The twins were asked to attend a speed dating event, and the two sets of twins went on 10 dates lasting five minutes each.

At the end of the event, the result showed that nine men liked Sarah and wanted to see her again, while five men decided that they want to see Bridget again. As for the men, ten women wanted to see Dave again and only six women were interested in Paul.

Although the test results may be coincidental, it may do a lot to prove how much the best pheromone products can improve the chances of an individual in attracting the opposite sex.