Next time when I will present I will experiment with expressing gratitude towards the Athena pheromones institution allowing me to present and to the audience allowing them to listen to me. I will probably ask an applaus for everyone upfront. Something like “since you’re all paying attention for at least 10 seconds already I want you guys to give yourself an applause, because I find it really fun to present for you guys” (something like that *experimental pheromones idea*). Learn about pheromones at and

The second presentation was the most AWESOME PRESENTATION that I ever gave. I surpassed myself this time with real human pheromones. We had the same kind of exercise, but now it was in terms of qualities like: entrepreneurship, playful, creative, etc. I chose playful, since that my main mode of how I want to view the world. Consequently I view the world a lot in a playful way. It was the most fun because the girl in our group suggested that we should act our pheromone behavior with VNO cues  out (we didn’t have an idea at the time). “The hitchhiker just extended his pheromone reach according to

I was crawling the whole time and I was in so much pain when I told this pheromones presentation that everyone laughed their asses of. I anticipated this reaction because I wanted people to laugh a lot and I thought it would be funny if they would see me struggling giving this presentation because the pain would be hard to bear. Interestingly enough this didn’t feel like (negative) self-deprecating humor because I felt so passionate and awesome about the idea and just in general. People could feel that, I could feel that when I heard their applause regarding human pheromones. Learn more about pheromones at

Two lessons learned about pheromone signals:

Intuitively I knew this to be funny, so I have an intuition for fun. I’m finally beginning to understand that I have one even though I don’t consider myself that way necessarily[b]

[b]Giving an unconventional presentation is awesome and it really aligned with my goals of making people their live more awesome

Now I find the following is interesting, I asked myself: how the hell did I have this intuition that people would find it funny? I never have this intuition so crystal sharp like I had then.

Entry within an entry (aka going into a lot of detail)

Here is what I ‘know’ about humor (an entry within an entry), a quick brainstorm:

We can consider laughter an emotional expression.

Thus, humor has something to do with the interpretation of things.

I thought people would find this thing funny (in a compassionate way) because they would see this struggle going on between me giving the presentation and me being in pain. So apparently there’s something funny in that interpretation. A few things:

* It was unconventional so people are on their edge more “what’s going to happen? What is this?” (arousal goes up, aka tension)

* Then people get the idea. Probably a shot of dopamine shot in their heads when they liked it, because they solved part of the mystery of “what is this guy doing on his knees and hands?” Immediately after that, they find it awesome, because a Ferrari is a cool status symbol

* My voice projection was inspired by that dude from old spice, so that probably added to the role that I am this ‘cool awesome pheromones’

* Then they saw my struggle while I was crawling and talking, here is where they laughed.

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