More dates and more women! Are sex pheromones the secret to more dating success? Throughout centuries, there’s been certain hype concerning strange and mystical scentless chemicals that you & I, are proposed to secrete & excrete.

Pheromones are our own personally manufactured human odors which when transmitted, are used for communication, between our same species. Pheromones are known to excite chemical reactions within others around us, thus, changing certain human behaviors, within the receiver. Learn more at

What about those proposed chemicals used in manufactured pheromone sprays and perfumes? Do they really work? We will discuss the findings from tested and tried sex pheromones.

They can also be manufactured in a laboratory which are thus bottled and sold in popular perfumes and colognes.

Decades of research concerning ‘what drives sexual behavior in mammals’ show that we, humans, contain receptors, within our nervous system that inevitably detects, and picks up on these subtle scents of sexual arousal chemicals.

These chemicals are excreted via the follicles & the skin throughout our body.

Do pheromones really attract sex? Do you really need an arsenal of attraction elements to become more successful with the opposite sex?

Human pheromones are excreted through our sweat and particularly under our armpits.

Various people report that colognes containing putative human pheromones can be used to attract members of the opposite sex and produce all sorts of social effects.

Let’s take each of these in turn. But before we start, we have to talk about the vomeronasal organ. While the absence of the vomeronasal organ in humans does not bode well for the existence of human pheromones, it does not by itself prove that they do not exist.

Whenever people discuss the existence of pheromones they always reference the McClintrock study. The study basically demonstrated that the menstrual cycles of women were synchronized in the presence of human pheromones.

MHC Dependent Mating: The MHC genes determine the composition of our immune system, and individuals with different MHC genes are less related than individuals with more similar MHC genes. Do you find a potential mate attractive because her MHC genes are quite different from your own? And how do you even know what type of MHC genes someone has? Learn about male pheromones to attract females

Humans transmit information about their particular set of MHC genes in two ways: facial features and body odor.

Pheromone Enhanced Colognes and Perfumes

Studies have shown that pheromone laced perfumes and colognes, whose mixture was not fully disclosed, may increase the sexual arousal and activity of both men and women when worn by the opposite sex. Learn about what pheromones are used for.

By far the most popular pheromone brand on the market is manufactured by a company called Pherazone which makes the most concentrated formula on the market with over 5x more pheromones than competing brands. There are many positive reviews and reports of them working which includes overt flirtation and sexual approaches.

Pherazone contains 7 different pheromones including androstenol which is known to activate the hypothalu sin heterosexual women. Zthe region of the hypothalamus activated corresponds to the area activated during mating behavior.