CP28 Pheromone Spray’s claims to fame are as follows:

  • It can help men attract women more.
  • Women will find you more sexually attractive after just a few sprays of their cologne.
  • Women just can’t stop flirting, talking, and making eye contact once they get a whiff of the scent.
  • Users become more popular with the opposite sex, making them the envy of their peers.
  • One bottle is enough to turn you into the ultimate sex god.

These claims are basically the same as that of other pheromone products and such statements from the manufacturers really don’t say anything about the cologne’s effectiveness. In other words, a deeper scrutiny is necessary. Learn more about pheromones at http://youthbruce.com/

Do Pheromones Really Attract Sex?

CP28 PheromonesHuman pheromones are excreted through our sweat and particularly under our armpits.

Various people report that colognes containing putative human pheromones can be used to attract members of the opposite sex and produce all sorts of social effects.

Pheromones are our own personally manufactured human odors which when transmitted, are used for communication, between our same species.

Pheromones are known to excite chemical reactions within others around us, thus, changing certain human behaviors, within the receiver.

Pheromone Enhanced Colognes and Perfumes

Studies have shown that pheromone-laced perfumes and colognes, whose mixture was not fully disclosed, may increase the sexual arousal and activity of both men and women when worn by the opposite sex.

Does CP28 Pheromone Really Work?

The product contains human pheromones however the product site or label failed to mention what type of pheromone is used.

This is not a positive point for CP28 Pheromone Spray since most pheromone products available in the market at least mention what pheromones are used or included. Some even specify the number of pheromones they use.

The product’s scent, though pleasing is not special if compared to others and there is no guarantee that women will really like it.

Also, the scent is not very noticeable if applied according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, a few more sprays are necessary. The company claims that the product’s effect lasts from 4-5 hours however, it only lasts 3 hours at best.

The good thing about CP28 Pheromone Spray is that it costs only over $20 USD. Not all products containing human pheromones are as affordable. When buying this pheromone spray, however, keep in mind that you will be getting exactly what you will be paying for. Learn about male pheromones to attract females


CP28 works to some extent, but not as good as the company claims. To get some attention from women within close proximity, you need to apply up to 5 sprays of the cologne. However, even with this dosage, the level of attraction you’ll get is mild at best.

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford higher priced pheromone products, you can give CP28 Pheromone Spray a try. However, if you want a product that really works, this is not a good choice. Learn about what pheromones are used for.