Bottled pheromones are now available to attract members of the opposite sex. One of the many pheromone-containing products available today is Primal Instinct.

  • Pheromones are natural chemicals produced and secreted by animals and humans. These chemicals transfer through sweat as a means to communicate a message which when detected subconsciously, can affect another person’s behavior and can cause arousal and attraction towards the person who released the pheromones.

The amounts of pheromones humans secrete have become insignificant through the years mainly due to the kind of lifestyle we have today.

Because of this, the use of pheromone products has become a necessity in finding a possible mate or to get the attention of members of the opposite sex.

As a result, there are now a lot of pheromone-based products in the market to choose from, including Primal Instinct. Check out pheromones at

Does Primal Instinct Work?

Primal Instinct PheromonePrimal Instinct is available for men as well as for women. The contents of the product are not stated anywhere on the product website.

Therefore, the type and amount of pheromones used is unclear. One review, however, state that it has aldosterone and aldosterone which are two established pheromones:

  • Aldosterone – a predominantly male pheromone usually found in the sweat and urine of mammals, especially boars. This pheromone evokes a dominant, macho feel to the wearer, perfect for the alpha male. Its effect on women is that they are subconsciously drawn to the man emitting the ‘scent’.
  •  Aldosterone – this is a female pheromone which gives the female wearer an aura of friendliness. The effect of this pheromone on men is that they find the wearer approachable, friendly and open.

What I Like

You will get more attention from members of the opposite sex The product will increase your status at work and increase your likability

Very little scientific research regarding aldosterone and aldosterone

The product site’s science reports pertain to general studies on pheromones. No related studies backing claims of the product’s efficacy. A better product to check out if Pherazone pheromone cologne.



  • Primal Instinct is making use of pheromones or hormones with little evidence as to their real effects on humans. In this case, you are better off investing your money in a product containing pheromones that work.  Learn about pheromones and sexual relationships.