Darwin called this distinctly “sexual selection”. Its full meaning revolves around the process of mate selection using natural pheromones. As in, on a biological level we choose our mates based on their perceived sexual value.

Huge antlers, beautiful peacock tails, round robin songs, any countless other beautiful ornaments develop not just to charm the opposite sex, but to intimidate rivals and win the battle of sex.

Much of the female physical look is pre-determine by a set of guidelines that span beyond culture and geography, as I will explore later. For men, although “looks” are less definite in mate selection men with strong physical traits do command a higher status in life.

Max Attraction Silk Pheromones

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Women’s physical beauty is fiercely put into competition with each other. This explains the high level of difficulty in friendly relationships, especially among multiple beautiful women. But sexual selection is about more than just that with men. A man’s physical beauty can be challenged by another man’s status and his charm. In other words, perceived status matters much more in men in the beginning of a courtship and matters indefinitely in long term relationships. Even in the animal
world females can be lured by males with big gifts and good territories. Check out our full review of Max Attraction Silk at http://pheromones-planet.com/max-attraction-silk/.

We are familiar with attractive women. They are often in our minds. But can we break down the details of what makes women beautiful and see past the surface level smoke and mirrors? Here are the breakdowns of each attractive feature and why men respond to them. Keep in mind that the overall facial symmetry is much more important than any one feature, and plastic surgery mishaps often happen due to 1) an over-exaggeration of one feature and 2) the imbalance of a feature compared to the rest of the face. Learn why some men use pheromones to attract women at http://solenoidrocks.com/?p=20.

Why women should use Pheromones

The great thing about using pheromone perfumes is women can feel beautiful and attractive at the same time. These products are known to increase sexual desire in both sexes. And have been featured on ABC news. Luvessentials has been in business for a long time and has a great reputation with fragrance users.  The only competition they have is Pherazone which is another popular brand. Unlike Pherazone, Max Attraction has less pheromones per bottle and the scent isn’t quite as good. If I had to chose between the two I would probably go with both of them as they tend to compliment each other depending on whether you get the scented or unscented versions.

Some people prefer to use the unscented versions as they can add it to their favorite perfumes or colognes. I would bet thus goes far larger than a few celebs who were using the best pheromones.