In this article, I discuss pheromones and sexual attraction.

One of the biggest issues I had when I first hit the nightlife scene was that I had ZERO confidence.  In fact,  if there was a negative number, I’d probably be there. These days, I can attract women in these environments fairly easily. Pheromones changed all that.

What Are Pheromones?

Do Pheromones work? Yes, pheromones have been identified as organic chemicals produced by animals. These chemicals are often the culprit behind a change in behavior — but only within the same species. Interestingly, these animals also include insects.

Many hormones are internal — these may include adrenaline, dopamine and more. However, pheromones are not internal, they are defined as ectohormones often. They do their best work when they are outside of the individual that has them.

The very presence of pheromones has a very profound impact on other individuals. Hormones, on the other hand, are typically limited to affecting only the person that is secreting them.

Pheromones and First Impressions

People process the first impression in less than 1/10 of a second. A first impression is one that sticks. People say that first impressions are often lasting impressions. This does not imply that the first impression is either negative or positive.

Rather, that is up to the individual and the situation. Pheromones will make your first impression count.

Use in Moderation, See the Action

Before you go about spraying pheromone-infused products like colognes, body sprays, and perfumes, you must first know the effects. This is true whether you spray it two times the recommended amount or use it twice more than the frequency recommended.

You may even find that spraying the products more times than recommended will have an off-putting effect! Learn about the sexiest pheromone perfumes |

The Bottom Line

Spray the product as recommended by the manufacturer once in the morning and once in the evening. Just spray a few times on your erogenous zones such as behind your ears, your elbows and behind your knees.

You can use your favorite perfume on top of the pheromones without smelling like a dead rat either. Again, pheromone-infused products typically come in unscented varieties.

This explains their versatility in use. However, scented products are also available for those who want to experiment with the scents.

What Can You Expect?

According to the manufacturers, the most common are:

• You will have higher levels of self-confidence because the chemical factors encourage a sense of dominance courtesy of androstenone and a sense of masculinity, thanks to androsterone.

These are pheromones secreted by men that stimulate an aura of masculinity coupled with aggression, intimidation, and dominance.

• You will be friendlier, chattier and more sociable toward everybody, thanks to the alpha isomer of androstenol, while the beta isomer of androstenol makes for a more romantic aura.

The bottom line: Pheromones for dating are used to encourage more sociable feelings in whoever detect these chemical factors.

You can then make your moves toward asking said person out on a date, working your charm and then taking him/her to bed. Your ability to attract the opposite sex just became stronger. Learn more about pheromones at