In this article, I list the best pheromones for 2018.

There are so many pheromones out there on the Internet that do not work. I’m just sick and tired of all the lies and crap people spit out there just to make some money.

I have nothing against Internet Marketers but people need to be honest. People shouldn’t praise a product they just do not believe in.

Use the products and believe in the products that you advertise rather than looking at them for profit. I explain more about this in my article, “The Truth About Pheromones“.

If you are looking for the best pheromones then you have come to the right place. Buying the best pheromones are easy as long as you don’t get mislead by false advertising.

A lot of sites say they are selling the best pheromones but the products do not have ones that work. What I do not like even more is that these pheromone products contain powerful colognes that just stinks. So you just end up wasting money.

I’ve been using pheromones for 8 years and I have tested and tried a lot of products. I completely believe that pheromone products work. Learn more at

Androstenol Pheromone Colognes

Androstenol is another pheromone substance that is very expensive. It cost around $90 per 10mg worth in a bottle. This is really a very small bottle. The real question in everyone’s mind, is androstenol very effective?

I can tell you the short answer which is yes but this answer holds no value whatsoever without any explanation. This is another favorite of mine and I often use it to combine with other pheromone products.

Why Is A Tiny Bottle So Expensive?

Androstenol is a human pheromone that is found in our sweat especially in males. I’ve heard reports that men excrete lots of this pheromone after sex which makes couples enjoy cuddling each other.

Although, I’ve never seen any scientific journal or experiments that prove this statement. But for some reason, it makes a lot of sense to me. So the things that happen after mating like cuddling, talking and intimacy can be reproduced by wearing this pheromone.

The effects of androstenol are very subtle though. They are even more subtle than androstenone. But we are at the point that if there is something that can create an atmosphere of intimacy or help in intimacy then we will take it.

When I think about it, why is it that a lot of people like to cuddle and talk after doing the deed. There has got to be something in the air or something that is making people do it, right?

What Are The Positive Aspects Or Benefits Of This Pheromone?

This pheromone creates a very friendly, approachable, and chatty atmosphere where people can mingle, really feel comfortable, and relaxed. This pheromone is extremely good for getting to understand someone or just trying to make a connection.

Androstenol isn’t a good pheromone if you want a sexual atmosphere between you and your date. It truly is much better at making a relaxed, comfy and youthful atmosphere.

There are a lot of fun and laughter but where is the sexual tension and where is the sexual excitement? There may be some. You will discover some but not as good as androstenone.

Androstenol is great for people which are opinionated, talkative, and pretty intimidating. This pheromone is known to generate a friendly aura allowing the people surrounding the user or wearer to feel more relaxed.

This particular pheromone is extremely excellent for first impressions. It makes it possible for the user to flirt, chat and lessens the awkwardness that people feel.

This is some of the reasons why this pheromone is known as the icebreaker pheromone. It is extremely very good at breaking the ice and letting people get to know each other.

Don’t put too much though. If there is no sexual tension happening, you can get stuck in the friend zone. This pheromone just doesn’t solicit a lot of sexual response or tension. Learn more about pheromones at

What Is Androstenone Pheromone?

If you like human pheromones then you should know as much as you can about androstenone. One of the most expensive and top pheromones that you can get.

The cheapest or most inexpensive I’ve seen is around 10mg for around $100.It is a lot of money for a tiny little bottle.

However, there are items that sell it for 2mg or 6mg for half the price. So if a product is claiming it has 50mg or 100mg of pheromones, I seriously doubt it has a lot of androstenone in it.

Why Does It Cost A Lot?

AndrosteNONE (also called “None”) was the very first human pheromone that was discovered and sold in online stores and local stores.

It was pretty successful in soliciting and changing human behavior in an incredibly subtle way that a good deal of males bought pheromone colognes instead of name brands.

Androstenone frequently needs a cover scent. It smells awful on a lot of people and will at times smell like urine should a person or user over apply too much but the effects are outstanding.

It is most likely very hard to synthesize. Even colognes that claim to have one may not have the high quality of it. One of the reasons I can think of also is popularity. A lot of people are buying androstenone filled colognes because of the benefits that it gives.

The benefits or positive results are a lot easier to spot and see compared to androstenol and androsterone. The positive results and claims of what androstenone can do are also a big factor according to

The Benefits Of Androstenone

If you don’t believe that pheromones work then don’t read any further. The information I’m about to give is for people who believe that they work. There is nothing in here that can help make you a believer.

These benefits or positive results are based on pheromone community testimonials, feedbacks, experiences and information from pheromone websites. You can check out my other page called do pheromones work to see whether pheromones work or not.

Androstenone provides an alpha male image or aura. It provides a dominant, confident and pretty aggressive aura – qualities that most women want within a man. Ever read romance novels or at the very least looked at the covers in book retailers?

The cover generally shows a man ravishing or possessing a woman with some form of body language. This is what I believe to be a “turn on” for the ladies.

Some prince charming who is confident, mature, powerful, good muscular body and sexual which can sweep a lady away to some type of fantasy land. Am I wrong? I doubt it.

Even so, like all pheromones, it can only amplify something that is certainly THERE. It is a tool and it is only powerful when used correctly or used by a person who puts in the effort to be attractive.

Meaning in case you wear crappy clothes, appear like an idiot, and also you cannot hold a job or you may have no job at all, then androstenone is not going to help at all.

Pheromones can only provide you with the dominant, and alpha male aura if you put in the effort to be one or at least create an illusion that you are one.

What Is Androsterone?

Androsterone is most likely one of the most affordable pheromone substances. It is also one of my favorites. It is roughly around $60 in a 10mg worth in a bottle.

This particular pheromone substance is also pretty popular. It gives great benefits and admirable effects. Although androsteNone is still more popular

Why Does It Cost So Much For Just A Little Bottle?

Androsterone (also called “RONE”) is a very popular pheromone substance. It is often used in combination with androsteNONE and androsteNOL. I honestly never heard of a guy just using pure androsterone.

It is most likely because the effects are very subtle. It definitely works and delivers results but it is very hard to notice it.

This pheromone substance is a great way to balance the effects of androsteNONE. The problem with androsteNONE is that if you put too much then it can lead to negative effects.

If you put too little, then it will have no effects. So combining it with androsteNONE or other pheromones is a great way to solicit positive effects.

What Are The Positive Effects?

If you don’t believe that pheromones work then don’t read any further. The information I’m about to give is for people who believe that they work. There is nothing in here that can help make you a believer.

You can check out my other page called do pheromones work for that. These benefits or positive results are based on pheromone community testimonials, feedbacks, experiences and information from pheromone websites.

This pheromone substance is used by both males and females. I will only talk about the male side in this article and how women appear to respond to it. The effects are very subtle.

A lot of users have reported different effects but most seem to agree on certain or specific positive effects.

Androsterone can generate alpha male aura without the aggressiveness. Most people call this the gentleman aura.

An aura that depicts a person that is masculine, reliable and safe. The effects don’t depict anything sexual in nature. Just someone reliable. Maybe someone successful, with a nice car and house.

A great pheromone for flirting and breaking the ice. It isn’t very intimidating because it doesn’t project an aggressive aura. Since it creates a safe atmosphere, it is perfect for talking, flirting or just being friendly.

One of the best pheromones for social gatherings and business gatherings. It may also help in getting a sale or a job. Pheromones aren’t just used to getting a girl. It is used to get an advantage over almost everything.

The only drawback was that too much of androsterone can cause this gentleman aura to be a wimpy or dorky aura. So putting on too much of this stuff may not be a good thing. I definitely suggest mixing it with other pheromones like androstenone.

Does It Really Work?

I truly believe that they do work. If they don’t work then there won’t be pheromone communities or people saying good stuff about it.

Top 3 Pheromone Colognes

Pherazone Ultra – Works as an incredibly potent sexual attractant. Read my Pherzone Ultra review. As stated earlier – the types of pheromones that are in the cologne you buy will determine what effect they have on women. Don’t be afraid to use them at the same time either. Personally, the three most powerful pheromone colognes that I have used are:

Nexus Pheromones– Works as an excellent icebreaker, but also because of its androsterone content works as a sexual attractant too. Read my Nexus review

Alpha 7 Unscented – Works perfectly for guys who are a little shyer around women. Read My Alpha 7 Pheromone review