Are you having problems attracting members of the opposite sex? Well, the reason may be that you are not exuding the right scent.

When a couple ‘hit it off’ the first time they meet, some people call it ‘great chemistry’. However, the sensual and sexual attraction between a man and a woman are caused by pheromones.

What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are natural chemicals secreted in our sweat that give off neurotransmitters. These signals have direct effects on the behavior of the opposite sex i.e. triggering sexual excitement.

In a proposed explanation, scientists say that pheromones are natural sexual attractants that greatly influence the mating habits of humans. Studies show that the more pheromones a person produces, the more sexually attractive he/she is. Learn more about pheromones at

Even animals are known to take advantage of pheromones for many uses. They use these aromas or chemical signals to invoke various responses from other animals within their group. Pheromones are generally emitted by animals for the following purpose:

  • Warn other animals of danger
  • Mark their territory
  • Signal other animals within their group to come together
  • Leave a trail for other animals to follow
  • Attract the opposite sex

Pheromones Increase Sexual Attraction

The role of these natural chemicals in sexual attraction has long been documented in animals. However, recent scientific research shows that men too emit pheromones.

Not only that, these chemicals serve as a signal for women to be attracted to them sub-consciously. The inside of the human nose has a sensory organ that facilitates detecting of pheromones and this has helped further our understanding of the chemical process of sexual attraction.

How Do I Wear pheromones?

You can use pheromones along with your favorite with cologne or perfume. But care should be taken not to mix the two together as alcohol neutralizes the effects of pheromones.

Our pheromones are oil-based and do not contain alcohol in any shape or form. Different body parts are okay. I personally will put on cologne after putting on the pheromones for a uniquely original scent.

Use however much cologne or perfume you want, but then put on the pheromone in a different spot. Whether or not you can smell it doesn’t matter.

Afterall, humans cannot detect the actual pheromones, as they are picked up by special glands. It comes in a bottle that can be poured. So put your hand over it, tip it over, and rub it on one or more of your pulse points.

Pulse points are where your blood vessels are closest to the skin and give off more body heat. Be careful not to get any on your clothes because it’s an oil and doesn’t dry. Trust me, I learned that the hard way! You don’t have to. Learn more about pheromones at

As to how much, you’ll have to experiment. It’s dependent upon each person’s body chemistry. Duration is about 6-8 hours. Get in the habit of wearing it every day, because the one time you don’t wear it is when you’re going to meet someone you’re attracted to.

Are pheromones morally wrong?

This has been asked by men. It’s not morally wrong to wear pheromones to boost your sexual appeal any more than it is to wear makeup or cologne.

In fact, other men and women may naturally produce more pheromones than you leaving you at a disadvantage. If you believe it’s wrong to wear makeup then maybe wearing pheromones is immoral for you too. Learn more about pheromones at