Studies say that men using perfumes with pheromones have experienced improvements in their social and sex lives. Users claim that pheromones have increased the frequency of the following:

  • Their dates
  • Number of affectionate gestures received
  • The times they slept with a romantic partner
  • Foreplay
  • Sexual intercourse

Many believe that pheromones are beneficial in attracting members of the opposite sex. However, there are still some skeptics who question the need for using pheromone perfumes.  Their argument is that pheromones are naturally produced by the body. They also claim that males don’t require these products to be successful in attracting females.

It is true that men emit these chemicals naturally. However, today’s lifestyle simply masks your natural pheromone. This renders them inadequate to be of any help in attracting the opposite sex. Therefore, the need to supplement it according to

There are several factors that minimize the effect of natural pheromones today including:

  • Daily showers
  • Body Sprays
  • Aftershave lotions
  • Air pollutions and cigarette smoking
  • Air fresheners
  • Cosmetics, perfumes, deodorants, etc.
  • Other odors emitted at home, workplace or other places of social gatherings
  • Wearing various layers of clothes that trap the pheromones

There are many reasons why pheromones may not reach a woman at all. Using pheromone perfumes can help in greatly improving your chance of attracting that special person. Learn what pheromone science says.

How Do Pheromones Work?

The sex hormone is odorless but it conveys a man’s sexual information to a woman like his sexual interest in her, his potency, his state of arousal and his fertility level. As a man emits the sex hormone from his body, a woman’s sensory organ detects it and invokes a subconscious sexual response from her. She may not be actually aware why she is attracted to him though.

Ever since this discovery has been released to the public and perfume makers started infusing their scents with pheromones, more and more men are relying on these perfumes to arouse sexual interest from the opposite sex. They now focus more on using perfume with pheromones to attract women rather than improve their appearance’ skills and enhance their

Androstenone Responses

A very select and small number of women are highly responsive to androstenone. That is, these women may find themselves completely unable to control their sexual desire to a man if they smell it on him. However, it can very easily be overapplied, and great caution should be taken to avoid such a situation according to

If too much androstenone is used, women and men alike become extremely annoyed and in my experience, feel very intimidated. In this fashion, the situation becomes similar to corner an animal. They make verbally or even physically strike back at you if you are not careful. In addition to the social problems that can take place, if you use a lot, you smell like urine, and it isn’t fun. I’m naturally a little more of an egomaniac (sadly), so I only rarely use it in special concert situations, etc. Learn more about human pheromones at

Works Great on Shy Guys

However, if you are a more shy person that seems to blend into the bunch, androstenone cologne can be very effective. Always try a tiny amount first to experiment. I would recommend the use of other pheromones before working your way up to this stuff, especially because many men can’t smell androstenone at all and you risk the danger of overdosing.

For those of you seeking an advantage in corporate environments, don’t use this pheromone. It has adverse effects on other men and can easily bring up jealousy and rivalry between you and your male (and sometimes female) co-workers. Also, women should definitely avoid androstenone unless you are lesbian and seeking to attract a very “feminine” type of girl. Learn more at learn about how to date naturally.

Look for more ingredient descriptions soon, including some you’ve never even heard of that are only recently making their way to the market.

Don’t be afraid to not be perfect. It’s about being a bit vulnerable and letting her be that too and to show you who she is. That is what makes her feel special because to completely be able to be herself around somebody is a gift. She can’t even do that around some of her best friends without feeling like she will be judged negatively. So it’s being able to see her and who she is while being able to show who you are complete.