I still would love to say : “Be Real With Pheromones ” I don’t know you checked out the latest Pimp program or not, that gets a really good point is when you are interacting with women you need to set a frame like

This interaction is between man and women, not friend to friend.

By physical with Pheromones

A simple ground breaking compliment will not lead you anywhere, she will forget about what you say soon or later. It is like you cannot remember what did you say yesterday at 12:00Am, but you will definitly remember what did you do at  12:00Pm if you get burned  that time. Physical is much more powerful than verbal according to  http://thongchaimedical.org/?p=176

The women know what is going on in your head when you approach them

So why not just do what you want to do ? Be real with yourself.

I love big butt and I cannot lie

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And the advices from svaio I think the genuine pheromone attraction should happen during the further interaction. Not right away becasue the deeper detail your comliments focus are , the more powerful it will be. But you cannot tell much details when you first met a beautiful women,IMO. But the point still is, every woman is different, and if she can like you or you compliments you cannot know in advance. Its the illness of todays time that people without natural pheromones! Don’t focus so much on trying to make her feel good as you focus on just feeling good yourself and understanding what pheromones make people in general feel good. When it comes to people interacting with each other it’s being able to listen and also being able to notice things about them. If you can pick out things in their personality or how they dress or talk, think then you can see them for who they are and appreciate that. Don’t just do it with hot girls do it with everybody. If your worried about coming across as a nice guy learn how to be honest with people and tell them things about you that you like don’t like and have pheromone limits. Learn more about human pheromones and insects at http://spanishinperu.org/human-pheromones-and-insects/. Don’t be afraid to not be perfect. It’s about being a bit vulnerable and letting her be that too and to show you who she is. That is what makes her feel special because to completely be able to be herself around somebody is a gift. She can’t even do that around some of her best friends without feeling like she will be judged negatively. So it’s being able to see her and who she is while being able to show who you are completely. Learn more at http://youthbruce.com/2016/05/03/does-max-attraction-gold-work/ and learn about how to date naturally at https://theurbandater.com/