Do you know how to choose the best pheromone products?  Due to pheromones recent push into society, many people have been asking us “what are the best pheromone products”. They also want to know,  “what is the true ability of androstenone concentrate “.

This site supplies information on pheromone products, articles on androstenone concentrate, and studies from CNN, ABC, WebMD and many others. 

The recent explosion human pheromones (androstenone concentrate) has produced many imitation pheromones.  Many websites are claiming to have the best pheromone products. 

However, there are very few that are pure androstenone concentrate pheromones. Androstenone is the active chemical ingredient in human pheromones. 

There are several factors that you should consider when choosing the best pheromone products.  The top best pheromone products are based on these factors.

  • Testimonials
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Study/Report Support

About Using Pheromones

Many you may have heard of pheromones. In the past, their effects were studied on animals. However, scientists were skeptical about the effect that pheromones had on humans. 

Let me set up a scenario for you…remember your first love. Did they wear a cologne or perfume consistently? If they did, every time you smelled that cologne or perfume on a different person you were intrigued/attracted by that person.

They may not have even been your usual type. However, that scent drew you to them. It caused you to see all the good attributes about them.

This is how pheromones claim to work. Pheromones tack into the chemistry of your body by increasing your attraction towards the person who wears them. I know it sounds strange.

However, the dating scene is crazy these days. It can be hard to meet women. Pheromones give you that edge that makes you appealing. Learn more about pheromones at

What can Pheromones do for you?

pheromone attraction

  • Drastically increase your appeal to future employers
  • Increase the number of dates
  • Get attention from strangers
  • When over that person you have been attracted to for a long time
  • Many others

We often do not want to think outside of the box. I was very skeptical of this whole “pheromones thing” when it was brought to me by a college. However, after using it I was convinced. I was receiving so much attention that it made me uncomfortable. I knew the pheromones were working.

So that brings us to the questions that have been received about pheromones. This information was provided by several sites and publications. Consider do pheromones actually work in humans?

If you have further interest in this pheromone check out this page on androsterone, has a huge repository of knowledge and is very helpful for looking up other pheromones, too. Learn about the top pheromones |

Alfa Maschio

This has remained one of my top products for around 2-3 years now. It has a distinct “bad boy” edge that just meshes extremely well with who I am already, as well as brings out a more confidence, clarity, and positive changes in my speaking voice and demeanor.


Another hit, this product will help you develop a cool, suave style You see, even if you are somewhat shy, or soft-spoken, L2K can give you a massive advantage by making these “weak points” your strength. Although I still want you to develop your communication and confidence, it’s still important to have “game” when you don’t feel on point all the time.


This is one of those “must have” products in my opinion, because it disinhibits your thoughts, as well as women’s and creates a highly flirty vibe. You can use this product to develop your flirting skills and become much better at bantering and teasing. It will teach you “balance” between too far, and too friendly.


Taking a little time to work WITH the grain of your personality is going make your pheromone usage much more effective, and vice versa.

I have some news coming in a few days anyway – just thought I’d get that off my chest since I’ve been getting a lot of questions about recommendations lately.