In this article, I review P96 pheromones. Anyway, I thought I would take a brief moment to put this out there.

How I Use P96 Pheromones on Women

Use pheromones wisely. Don’t put the focus on exploring what she likes or wants. Paying attention to her cues means she is setting the tone, the pace, and taking the lead. Instead, do what YOU want with her.

Forget about being a ‘great lover’. Figure out what makes you hard to her. And figure out what part of her your instincts are telling you to go to work on her. If she doesn’t want to do it, then push harder.

If she REALLY doesn’t want to do it, it will be obvious. So, you move onto something else, no apology, no reasoning. And you tell her it’s to make up for her unreasonable demands.

Pheromones found in P96

P96 has a powerful pheromone formula listed below.


Because of its versatility, more products have been released recently that make use of androstenol as a human pheromone ingredient. Personally, given my needs, androstenol is one of my favorite pheromones.

If you have somewhat of an overbearing or argumentative personality, androstenol can have a calming effect on people near you. Another hidden benefit is that the user himself is also pulled into that same state of mind.


Pheromone colognes containing androstenol are proven to be very effective at getting those around you relaxed. This makes it one of the very best to use in business situations.

They won’t be attracted to the pheromones as much. This makes the attraction itself more real in whatever future relationship you might have. Because of these characteristics, I highly recommend androstenol to human pheromone newbies. I also recommend androstenol to people that want to get more out of human pheromones than just sex.


Androsterone(-RONE) is an excellent ice-breaker, bringing even shy people into your social fold with great comfort. My personal advice would be to use androsterone when you are meeting someone for the first time. It is helpful in the workplace. allowing you to more easily achieve respect and admiration among your peers.

Pheromones can help you develop “characters”

This is because they sort of “meld” with who you already are. And your body will also in a way, “tune” you into the pheromones you’ve sprayed on. So, it goes both ways for a synergistic effect. Learn more about top pheromones at

However, other times, you might take a little longer to adapt to certain pheromone signatures. This is because it’s drastically different than your natural signature.

Pheromones Can Match Your Style

We know by now that pheromones can give you that extra “hot sauce”, especially when it comes to attracting women. But how you come across to women can also make a huge difference to how they perceive you.

For example, if you were wearing an alpha product like Aqua Vitae, you would project the vibe of someone who is supremely confident. Someone who has high status, and maybe even be intimidating to some people.

But… what if you acted in a way that was not confident?

What if you dressed poorly and had bad hygiene (which women can pick up on instantly)?  What if you were confident and dressed well… but failed to escalate things sexually?

That would mean that the pheromones did their job – but you didn’t do you yours. Some pheromones are naturally going to vibe with you more than others.

But the most important part is that you at least put in the effort to make yourself naturally attractive.

With or without pheromones…  Remember, they’re not going to do all the work for Learn more at