Chikara pheromone has become one of the most popular pheromones on the market. So does that mean it actually works? Are pheromones for real?

About Chikara

Featuring seven different types of human pheromones, Chikara has one of the most exotic yet universally applicable aromas I’ve ever worn.

The original name for this product was Chikara 7. I was surprised, immediately, by how clean and even “dignified” it smelled. The only other product that smells close to this good to me is Alter-Ego.

This review contains a lot of useful information on Chikara. Learn more about Chikara pheromone cologne.

Chikara Pheromones: Ingredients

Chikara PheromonesChikara Pheromone Cologne for Men is a scented pheromone cologne that contains a well-balanced formula of seven different sex pheromones, including the standard androsteNONEandrosteNOL, and androsteRONE, combined with a pleasing scent.

The other four are newer and are apparently kept secret from the public for various reasons. One of Chikara’s four hidden pheromones may be the secret to its success. Since I’m not a chemist, I really don’t have any way of telling what is inside.

The Chikara pheromones logo is simple but expressive and unique. I like the slim bottle itself, too. It has a simple and foolproof spray-top, so you apply it like any normal cologne. The container itself is thin and fits in any of my pockets quite easily.

Chikara pheromones are manufactured (and distributed) by Love-Scent, according to the label on the back. This makes Chikara somewhat of an exclusive product, which I am usually very wary of. Learn about Chikara pheromone cologne |

As a pleasant surprise, however, there seems to be very little over-the-top marketing with Chikara.

  • Note: I always try to avoid pheromones with lots of salesmanships. They are generally related inversely to the human pheromone products’ actual legitimacy (that is, more marketing = less actual product). Though I regard it as an “exclusive” product, Chikara has almost none of the sales crap. See my article about human pheromone scams for more information. Cool!

Chikara Pheromone Review

Chikara cologneWhile wearing Chikara, I notice, immediately, a very strange but real sensation. Everyone near me is nice to me. Everyone. After a fresh pheromone application, strangers are always uncommonly nice, especially at the bank, I normally visit.

The odd effect is that my friends are even nicer. I had a bunch of people over this weekend to hang out and I wore Chikara the entire time. I told some of them that I was wearing it, but I’m sure they ended up forgetting.

Either way, I felt a calming sensation of power within me. I don’t think I’ve had so much fun in my entire life. While I doubt it was just the Chikara human pheromones I wore, they were one of many factors.

Interestingly, I found that the group dynamics would change entirely based on whether or not I was wearing Chikara. This is completely insane and I still don’t understand why they were correlated so perfectly.

My girlfriend loves Chikara cologne. In fact, it is her number one favorite out of all of my pheromones.

Why Chikra Works

The biggest reason I have to believe that Chikara actually works is that I could theoretically stop using it, and people around me are less comfortable and edgier again. In fact, that’s exactly what I did today.

I went to Subway to grab a bite to eat with my roommate, and the people there were impersonal robot jerks.

We got some gas, and I attempted to form a conversation with the register guy. I couldn’t even get him to crack a smile, and he hardly uttered a word. Even my friend and I weren’t talking as much as we normally do.

Finally, my girlfriend Jocelyn (she told me to include this) got angry today. We had an argument. Of course, this stuff happens to everyone, and it might have had nothing to do with anything.

Besides, I’m only one person, and you should see what others are saying too! As always, I’ll have to keep testing my pheromone colognes.


26-040557-first_date_guideChikara pheromones are amazing. There is a reason they are Love-Scent’s highest selling product. They are the very best pheromones I’ve ever used (as of June 2008). While they are not perfect for every occasion, they are by far the most versatile in my collection.

I would recommend them strongly as the first choice. It’s perfect for any guy that wants to experiment with changing the behavior of women. I have witnessed the strange calming effects this has on friends, family, and even complete strangers alike.

And since it is much harder to overdose with Chikara than other products, it is extremely noob-friendly.

The cologne additives are also excellent, making Chikara pheromones nearly flawless for the workplace. It should help bring your boss down to your level – or perhaps bring you up to his. Be careful, though, and don’t get too cocky.

When girls feel relaxed, they are more vulnerable and their personal guard is down. Chikara certainly aids in this, showing them much more quickly that you are NOT some random asshole. Suddenly, you can be trusted.

Remember, however, that it is always up to you to decide when to try your luck. While Chikara pheromones have given me good results,  the reactions I have gotten from women are less sexual overall.

You may wish to mix this with something slightly more powerful if you are looking for a one-night stand or something similar. Learn more about pheromones at