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Pheromones and Relationships

In the beginning of the relationship I was a little whimp – I didn’t make barriers for people, I always looked for attention, I was a little boy.. When we had sex I didn’t dominate her besides smacking her ass, I didn’t go into great immersion with her during sex either because I was always afraid that I wasn’t good enough. – All things that can occur as a young boy in a relationship.. In truth, doing these bad things in the relationship show you how to do them right for: A) either that relationship or B) the next one you find yourself in. If I had used Chikara pheromones early on my relationship might have lasted longer. m/ She’s an extremely anxious person and for that reason, always bothered by the future, always thinking about the next bad scenario that might pop up. Even if there was only a small problem, she would turn it into a humongous deal. Adndrostenone heavy pheromones can calm women down. She was extremely jealous (and I loved this about her in the beginning – because in the beginning I was a needy person, so I longed for a person that was just as needy) but that jealousy became ridiculous – she manipulated me into looking bad – she didn’t like it when I walked with dominance or spoke with dominance or even spoke to other girls. She would see other girls looking at me and tell me in anger. Learn more about Chikara pheromone cologne.

Another problem she had – that stemmed from her anxiety – was that she was extremely manipulative. It was her way of getting what she wanted because she was so afraid that if she didn’t she would be sitting there fucked. – She would manipulate my logic to make me feel bad for something that I shouldn’t have felt bad for.

She would manipulate me to give her more attention, to give up more of myself for her. – From my mindset, I thought “hey, she’s upset, so let me see it from her side and we can fix the problem” but slowly I began to realize that she wasn’t actually upset and what I did wasn’t wrong in any means.. (This taught me to never step down from what you think and feel – truly, this is one side of being dominant. You’re reality is THE reality, hands down, no conversation about it)

Because I was not dominant enough and lacked masculine pheromones and because she was extremely anxious, I would fall into how she wanted me to be and then slowly after long-periods of being in misery (say 6months+) I’d grow enough internal resentment to realize that she had conned me.. And i’d present it to her w/ anger and extreme disgust – and she’d plead and tell me that she would change..

I let go of it – because I was needy and attached to her attention, I wasn’t a dominant male.. And this happened again and again – I kept realizing how manipulated I was.. About 6 times this happened but each time it took me less and less to realize that I was being manipulated, and each time I grew less need for someone else’s love and more need for my own.

Until finally, I dumped her. She was on the phone crying and begging for me to give her another chance, and I laughed at her and hung up.

To sum it up:

Yes. Dominance is extremely important. Use androstenone based pheromones.

Along with:

Not needing her attention, or her

Not looking at her as an object that you can have

Not allowing her to change your mind unless it makes LOGICAL sense to you

Not allowing her emotions to change yours – you need to be the one that SHE’S reacting to.. You cannot be reacting to her

Part of being dominant is allowing people to think they’re doing something that they are leading on their own – for example, if she wants to “lead the house chores” empower her to.. That’s what a leader does. Learn more about pheromones at

But make sure she’s not manipulating you, make sure that you’re creating the reality that she’s in (you’re creating the culture of the relationship) and that she’s reacting to YOU and your pheromones – you are the one implementing the emotions and she’s responding with congruence, you are not responding to her emotions – especially if they’re negative.

And at a certain point, you can be at such different levels that no matter what, there’s nothing you can do.. There’s a large amount of power in knowing when you are not aligned.. Not saying this is the case, just saying this as a truth.