Pheromax is a popular and powerful pheromone cologne for men. I decided to use Pheromax to see how effective it was at attracting beautiful women. Because most of them look like they can use some help. I stood thinking by how to combine these things, because she’s a tourist and she needs help (and I’ll run direct game, separate thing). Alrighty…

Pheromax for Men is unscented, and the 14 ml metal atomizer can be opened for the easy addition of your favorite cover scent. No need to worry about having a bottle of cologne or your body spray on hand when you’re refreshing your pheromones–simply add your chosen fragrance right to the atomizer and take the whole thing with you.

How I feel about Pheromax

Genuineness at maximum, the feels in me at maximum, scared as hell? Yes! Good, that means I have the right emotional intensity and that I should go. Do I have a good articulation of what I’m really seeing in her? No… no, not really. Ah whatever, just wing it. When you have genuinely on your side your good to go.

Me:”Hey do you need help?”

Her:”Yea I’m kind of lost.”

Me: “Okay, I’ve got 2 messages for you. Helping you is the second one, I’d like to say the first one.”

Man she looked puzzled when I wear Pheromax pheromones.

Me: “Just *before* you drew your map I already saw you. Here’s why. I was just looking around, eager to see the live chess match at Max Euwe Square, which is there *points* but then I saw you. And when I saw you I became stunned and I forgot that there was a world around me because you look absolutely gorgeous. It’s… I can’t even finish my sentences properly now.”

The classic direct pheromone response emerged, I had forgotten how it looked like.

Her eyes widen, her jaw drops slightly and she starts to smile and beam lighter like the sun and says:

“Ha-ha, wow! Wow! Thank you! Wow!”

So much wow.

I was surprised by her reaction, I forgot that it could occur. She noticed that.

She looked at me again realizing what I just did and said again:


She got quiet and I wanted her to, because I wasn’t done.

Me:” It’s not only that you look gorgeous but you smell amazing with Pheromax. If it would be only looks you’d be too boring, everyone with just looks is too boring (I believe this). I mean it’s not just your looks it’s how you carry yourself, how you dress yourself, the look that you give with your eyes. For example, the necklace you have on is amazing and your clothing style is really dark which makes me think you are a really nice person who also knows a dark side. How should I describe it. Your style is kind like *almost* alternative. It’s not semi-alternative or kind of alternative or alternative, I really mean *almost* alternative.”

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Her: “hahaha, you understand me!”

Her: “I must say you have a lot of courage to do this.”

Me: “Well yea, it’s scary as hell. Like, holy shit, I can’t even describe what I’m feeling right now.”

Her: “Wow… just wow! Yea I get that, what if I’d just reject you?”

Me: “I’d love that! But for different reasons why I love this what we’re having now.”

Her: “Wait what?”

Me: “I know it sounds crazy, but being rejected by the likes of you will hurt like hell and there’s a dark part of me that loves that. That part teams up with my a part of my light side to make the best out of a situation when that happens. As a result I come out stronger because of it, so whatever you do, you’re helping me become a better person.” (note: combining dark-side and light-side motivations allow me to accomplish more, especially when sacrifices need to be made, e.g. hardcore studying + girlfriend = no social life — I needed to get help from the twisted part of my mind in order to accomplish hardcore studying).

Her: “Hahaha! I’m not a dark person. I am very nice. But sometimes… just sometimes I’m very dark too.”

She looks at me straight in the eyes. You know those movie moments when evil vilains have their heads down, then raise their eyes up first and then raise their head up? It was like that.