I’ve always wondered what makes guys think a woman will be interested in them, simply because they like the woman in question. Almost every guy I know has had unattractive and overweight women hit on them, who they treat the exact same way.

But that’s not to say I haven’t been the situation before… And yes, it’s absolutely devastating when the woman you want ends up rejecting you.

The Dreaded Friend Zone

That’s what the friend zone essentially is, in more “honest” terms… But what if you could turn the situation around?

What if you could make her believe that you’re really the one she needs? The first time this really affected me, was several years ago when I saw the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen in my life… mixed race, smart and funny (corny, I know).

We hit it off great, but I had taken too long to escalate things physically, and before I knew it, I just wasn’t seen as a potential lover. It was my own fault.

Eventually, she gave me the “let’s just be friends” line, and being the amateur I was at the time tried to talk her into giving me a chance… every mistake in the book…

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Before I Started Wearing Pheromones

I was crushed for probably more than a year. As pathetic as that sounds, it actually gave me a stepping stone into self-development and getting more out of life. It went from being able to win her over, to get myself to the point where women just as beautiful would chase ME and I would befriend zoning them.

I eventually won her, and I got the girl I THOUGHT I wanted… we dated for several weeks before we both just realized it would never really work – either
way, I was stoked just to have been able to do that.

I wrote about this in my review of Pherazone.

But pheromones are NOT what won her over

In fact, what happened that actually won her over, was something I realized in retrospect, long after it had happened. When I got seriously busy working on myself.

I started a small business, I hit the gym fiercely, I got interested in several hobbies and passions…Essentially, I “fell in love” with my own life, and it gave me a magnetic persona that so many people desire but don’t know how to get.

It changed me in a lot of ways. As a man, I realized that’s what we are designed to do.  Accomplish things. Build things.  Think about new ideas. Build Wealth. And so much more.  When this girl got back in touch with me, things were definitely different.

I knew she could tell my vibe and confidence had skyrocketed since she “friend zoned” me. She could see that I was desirable to other women, and wondered if she could get a shot. With the game I had developed by then, I didn’t waste another second.

That’s why I’m always telling people to improve themselves. Learn about the discovery of pheromones.

It’s not the shortcut every PUA guru or seduction master promises, but it works. I believe pheromones some kind of primitive, instinctual behavior within women when men consciously or subconsciously convey that they are getting things done and going places in life.

It changes your vibe and the energy that surrounds you – which is extremely attractive to women.

With or without pheromones…

Remember, they’re not going to do all the work for you.

You still should dress well, have good hygiene, have a sense of humor, confidence (when you talk to women as well as escalating things sexually) and so on. And by the way, you don’t have to be wearing button-ups and slacks all day to attract women.

In fact, I attract more women by dressing how I like – high-end streetwear, a cool jacket/blazer, jeans, some classic Supra hi-tops. It works for the women I am targeting, who are usually in their 20’s, has a creative personality, and tend to like the street culture which is big where I am.