How do you know the pheromone product you’re buying is going to deliver the results you want. Then again, what are the results you’re looking for?

The truth is, there are no special secrets in buying pheromones. And then again, there is no magic formula in determining whether the product you’re buying is going to deliver. So how can you protect yourself from purchasing a dud? Well, you’ve probably heard it so many times but it just comes down to common sense and following some well-worn guidelines which we’ll outline in this article.

Buying Pheromones

Pheromones first hit the market over two decades ago. That is pheromone-enhanced products. It didn’t take smart marketers long to realize that there was a profit to be made in this market. Learn about my Pherazone experiment.


Because as they say, “sex sells” and while scientific research suggests pheromones affect us in more ways than a sexual manner, there is no doubt that anything related to enhancing a person’s sexual life is always going to create interest and demand. That’s human nature.

The sex market is huge. Pheromone-enhanced products have found their own niche within that market in recent years. There are some great products out there and some not so great ones.

Best Pheromones On The Market

What are the best products out there? Well, it’s not within the scope of this article to label the pheromone industry’s best products but we can give you a surefire way to at least know you are buying from a company which takes it’s product seriously.


By following a few simple steps which we are going to outline.

Step #1… How long has the company been in business? Visit their site and check out the about us page.

Step #2… Does the company manufacture its own products? Do they have a research team which is continually looking into ways to improve their product?

Step #3… Does the company offer a newsletter? This is a strong sign they are in business for the long haul and not here today and gone tomorrow after making a quick buck. Sign up for their newsletter. 

That’s it. It’s pretty simple and what you are trying to ascertain is whether you can rely on this company to provide you with products in the future if you are happy with the initial purchase. In other words, you want them to be around to service your needs as a repeat customer. Learn more about pheromones at

Your buying pheromones experience should be a satisfying one. After all, you are “forking” out good money and by following these simple steps you will at least give yourself the best chance of having a happy experience. Learn more at and

Frequent Pheromone Questions

Below are common questions regarding pheromones.

How do you use Pheromones to attract someone?

The suggested areas to apply Pheromones are onto your neck, chest, and forearms. Each person’s biochemical make-up of the skin is different and therefore you’ll need to try the different positions to see what works for you. Some Pheromones shouldn’t be applied to your skin, but rather to your clothing. The biggest mistake made by beginners is putting on way too much. Start off with fewer sprays or dabs because using more WILL NOT increase the effectiveness.

Do we give off pheromones naturally from our bodies?

Yes. Through the subconscious mind; we’re chemically communicating with each other all the time.

If we produce our own natural pheromones, why do we need the help of pheromones?

A. Natural Pheromones are usually washed off our skin every time we shower. Consequently, we’re phenomenally deprived. When we put on a Pheromone concentrate, we’re actually replacing Pheromones thus enhancing sexual chemistry

How long do pheromones usually last?

A. This all depends on the individual’s biochemical make-up of the skin. However, most pheromones last approximately 4-8 hours.

What are some of the benefits of using Pheromone products?

  • People will feel more comfortable around you.
  • The opposite sex will feel sexual chemistry towards you.
  • Increased self-confidence and status.
  • More smiles and eye contact with the opposite sex.
  • The opposite sex will be more open and talkative.
  • Enhancements in existing relationships.

Main Ingredients In Colognes Containing Pheromones

It’s important to note that not all pheromone colognes are made equally. There are various ingredients that go into pheromone colognes…and those ingredients will help you get very different reactions from men or women.

There are 3 main ingredients that you need to look for: androstenone, androsterone, and androstenol. Each will help you in different ways to attract or seduce women:

  • Androstenone – Works strongly as a sexual attractant. Pheromone colognes that are high in androstenone help you to be more dominant with women…ultimately leading to a higher percentage of sexual encounters…Excellent for guys looking to have more sexual encounters with women. Pheromone products that are high in androstenone include Max Attraction Gold.
  • Androsterone – Works by creating an alpha male aura for the wearer. Pheromone colognes containing androsterone are excellent for guys that are usually a little shyer and are looking to exude confidence in women. They’ll give a woman a strong feeling of security…meaning they feel protected by you. Pheromones that are high in androsterone include Nexus Pheromones.
  • Androstenol – Works as an incredibly powerful icebreaker. If you use pheromone colognes that have a high androstenol content you’ll notice that women feel far more relaxed and comfortable around you…and as a result women will drop their guard and talk to you a lot easier than what you’re probably used to. Pheromones that are high in androstenol include Scent Or Eros.

Why Pheromones Are Worth It

One of the most fascination effects of using pheromones you’ll find are the ones that create “imprints” on the mind.

Sure, it’s a whole bunch of fun when you can get and keep the attention of beautiful women with the help of pheromones…

But it’s even more fun when they become totally obsessed with you or develop stalker behavior over you. It can be an ego boost, or it can be a useful tool to help you get the woman you want most.

And while I don’t recommend them anymore, they did have an unbelievably good product on hand for making women fall over themselves trying to “win over” the wearer and crush on them.

Luckily, there are also newer vendors with updated, effective products that are designed to do this one specific thing – create fallout, an “imprint”, or a heavy-duty crush effect on your target.