I’m pretty mellow whether I’ll take it or not, since there are cooler things in life than sex (e.g., meditation, *amazing* music, deep intense sensuality). Sex restricts the mind, not wanting sex frees the mind and that freedom feels awesome. It’s kinda like what Varys says against Little Finger. Now I don’t want to become Varys but I do want a mind that’s more free and doesn’t worry that much about sex regardless of whether I’m overflowing in pussy or not. Learn more about pheromones at http://condor-project.org/why-i-use-the-best-pheromones/

Delayed Gratification with Pheromones

Non-neediness, being not attached to the outcome (only having a preference), both ideas relate a lot to the more general idea of delayed gratification. Learn about my Pherazone experiment.

In order to develop myself I need to develop this as well. A good place to start is to look at my reference experience where I did or didn’t have it.

Reference experiences with Pheromones

  1. Last month when it comes to sex pheromones. This happened because I was heavily focused on sexual tension. Also, I was kind of enjoying it.
  1. When I did multiple studies I wasn’t delaying gratification, the context switching helped me to get gratification out of the variety of things that I did. I need to do this again, diversification is the best strategy against anything.
  1. As a programmer, the only reason I delayed gratification is because I felt that I had to due to my employer. A result of this is more stress.
  1. For both my Vipassana retreats there was an immense disappointment if I wouldn’t finish it, which is why I finished it. I did notice that after the retreat I was better at delaying gratification, because partially this is what Vipassana trains.
  1. With my relationship I delayed gratification, because I felt I had to. Pouring water to the wine is a thing you do if you want to preserve the relationship.
  1. Sometimes I am able to delay gratification because of something traumatic for pheromone users. For example, when I broke up with my ex-gf I noticed that I started cooking a lot more and challenging myself in that area. Normally, I can’t bring myself to cook that easily.

Will add more when I remember more

Key principles for now: variety, being in the moment, focusing on something else that is fun, social pressure, Vipassana, the fear of disappointment or breaking a relationship and finally escapism with pheromones.

I procrastinate on my goals. I’ve noticed it’s because I don’t *feel* the consequences of procrastinating. Or well, that’s my best guess anyway. I also know that when I can make a connection that I can feel the negative consequences in my body that I’m more likely to do things. I’ve noticed this with eating unhealthy food, I picture that oil and other fucked up stuff that it is made out of slids down my throat without my permission. That made me stop eating unhealthy food. Learn about pheromones in animals

So… here’s a brainstorm to how to connect negative consequences speak to my emotions.

  1. Picture myself on my deadbed when I’m 80 and thinking back how I’ve never fully tried to live my life.

The life is short feeling gets me more and more nowadays.

  1. Picture myself being awesome when I do a lot of stuff. This has worked in the past.
  1. Picture a wholesome activity to whatever I’m doing when I procrastinate. This hasn’t worked too much.

Ah! Now we’re getting to novel territory. This is inspired from th pheromone example. Learn more at https://botw.org/ and http://www.jasminedirectory.com