Pheromones are odorless substances secreted by animals in their sweat and urine. They work on a subconscious level by increasing sexual chemistry between opposite sexes. Scientists have researched deep into the subject with amazing discoveries.

How Our Pheromones Work

Scientists discovered an organ in our nasal cavity known as the Vomeronasal Organ (VNO). The VNO helps animals, including humans, subconsciously detect pheromones. Scientists can explain how it happens, but they cannot explain why it does. In humans, the VNO is formed during fetal development.

Then it shrinks and in most cases, leaves behind a small hollow. This small VNO hollow, according to scientists, is the area that sniffs out the pheromones. This causes attraction towards the opposite sex, and consequently, sexual desire in women.

The Human Pheromone Response

Once a woman sniffs the pheromones for men, the molecules travel right the hypothalamus. This is the area of the brain that is responsible for emotions and response to emotions.

Depending on how the brain processes the signals, the woman makes a decision whether the male is sexually compatible.

Sexual vibes are felt during this process and the outcome can be anyone’s guess. Perfume manufacturers have realized the importance of pheromones and are now blending them into their products.

Pheromones That Sexually Attract Women

There are three major pheromones that sexually attract women.


This is the pheromone that makes women think of men as the aggressive, dominating types. It can work both ways. It can attract women who want to mate with males who dominate. Or, by making the women perceive the man as too aggressive.


Its musky odor gives the subconscious signal that its wearer is a friendly type of person. He is someone, with whom the woman can hang around, chat and have a nice laugh. Women love social, friendly men with a sense of humor. And this pheromone subconsciously reinforces that feeling. It breaks the ice and gets the conversation flowing.


This is a macho-without-aggression pheromone. It makes women perceive its wearers as the rugged “fireman – or – lumberjack” type of male. Women get the feeling that they will be safe from anything if they choose the pheromone-wearer to be her man.

It helps men score with women and also makes them more confident in dealing with other guys. Though many critics and nay-sayers condemn the concept of pheromones being sexual-attractants, the fact remains they work.

No one has understood why we came into existence. The same holds true for pheromones. They exist to create sexual chemistry – so many scientific studies cannot be wrong.

Which Pheromone Should You Use?

So, which pheromone-containing products are work? According to customer reviews on the Internet, most companies are in the pheromones market to make a quick buck. However, reputed companies that create their own formulas make the most impactful pheromone colognes.

Pheromones in light perfumes like CoolWater make the wearer seem like a friendly type of person. Pheromones blended in sweet-smelling perfumes like vanilla or peach are also said to work. Some exotic perfume products that contain a mix of natural elements and pheromones can evoke some heavy lusting.

Ultimately, people must realize that pheromones alone may not work – they need wit, intelligence, dress sense and decent looks as well. Achieve these factors, and pheromones will work their magic.