The superhero Poison emits pheromones. Pheromones are a chemical substance that can travel through the air and affect the behavior of others. She uses them to seduce and manipulate her opponents. But fortunately, things like that are only found in comic books.  You don’t have to worry about women’s subconsciously controlling you with their irresistible aromas or do you?

The Science of Pheromones

In this article, I am going to talk about pheromones. Pheromones aren’t just in comics. They’re all around us. They’re used by animals, plants, and even bacteria. Science has proven that they have incredibly powerful effects upon animals. For example, female Silk Moss secrete a pheromone that’s capable of traveling for miles.

If just a few molecules find their way to a male silk moth, he immediately turns and flies directly towards her. If a female bore picks up the scent of Androstenedione, a fair amount found in the saliva of male boar, she walks on over to them and presents herself for mating. It basically causes boar twerking. It’s so effective, it’s been bottled and sold as boar mate.

Difference With Human Pheromones

Human reactions are more complicated though. The main pheromone sensory organ and most animals are the vomeronasal organs. It’s located in the stem of the nose, but it’s separate from the olfactory organs that we normally associate with a sense of smell. Humans don’t have a functioning vomeronasal organ. Some of us have something in our nose. It looks like it was the vomeronasal organ millions of years ago, but it stopped working for some reason. George Zang at the University of Michigan believes that this happened after the development of color vision. Learn more at

Our primate cousins are able to tell if a female is ready to make based on the discoloration or swelling of her skin. He believes this proved more effective than scent detection for our ancestors. So over the generations, our vomeronasal organ wilted away. This brought into question whether humans can use or detect pheromones at all. But it was later discovered that although the vomeronasal organ excels at detecting pheromones, it’s not the only organ that can do so.

Studies have shown that the normal olfactory system can detect them too. We can’t consciously smell pheromones, but pet brain scans show that blood flow increases through the hypothalamus when women inhaled testosterone and men inhale estrogen. And there have been a number of studies that show the myriad effects pheromones can have on humans.


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