In Ocean’s 13 or Matt Damon dresses up as the concierge for the rich Asian Guy and he dad’s a little bit of what he calls the Gilroy on his neck to reduce the 50-year-old hotel, concierge. Now in this scene, he knocks on her door and she opens it up and all of a sudden you see the scent going into her nose and instantly she becomes infatuated with him. What this is in the movie is a pheromone.

What Are Pheromones?

Now, I don’t know if you know what pheromones are, but they are excreted by animals and humans. What they do is they have an effect on the opposite sex. They’re excreted for many different reasons, but essentially the reasons that we’re concerned with are for attracting mates. The question is, can the pheromones we put on our skin work to attract women? I have some pretty conclusive results that are from my own experiences in the last couple years. Learn more at

Do They Honestly Work?

Yes, pheromones do in fact exist and work. For example, bees use pheromones to attract other bees to them, to mate and all sorts of animals do this. As for humans, we are animals with conscious capability. There’s no reason to think that we don’t secrete chemicals and they don’t have an effect on us. It’s ignorant to think that our pheromones don’t affect women. This is why after working out, a lot of women say that they are more attracted to men because of the sweat. The pheromones and sweat actually make women more attracted to you. Learn more about the powers of pheromones.

So getting back to the pheromones, I decided that I really wanted to find out if these things work. How cool would it be if I could pop some pheromones on my neck and seduce a hot, 40-year-old cougar or even girls my age? It would be awesome. What guy doesn’t want to do that? Who doesn’t want an advantage to have over everyone else?

But the problem is that when I started my research, I found that there was a lot of skeptical products out there. There that was a lot of stuff that was essentially like snake oil or it was just bullshit. In any industry like this when it comes to dating and sex and attraction, people are going to try to prey on you guys. So you need to be careful. However, I did find a product called Pherazone and they have really good pheromones and positive reviews. Learn more at


Pherazone has one of the highest concentration of pheromones on the market. The potency ranges from 18mg to 108 mg per fluid ounce. Not only is it powerful, it has a winning scent and pheromone formula that will grab any woman’s attention. I recommend you check it out and see what it can do for you. Learn more at