Nexus is a very interesting and unique pheromone cologne. Now it’s made in the USA with a very special and interesting ingredient. It has human pheromones. Now, what does that exactly mean?

How Nexus Colognes Work

Human pheromones are the chemical signals in your body. That’s a natural way to communicate with other bodies.  So when someone’s attractive, they give off pheromones and hopefully that other person receives those pheromones and understands that obviously subconsciously. So this is a very basic human chemical that begins that attraction.

Now, this is extremely interesting because this is actually inside this bottle of Nexus I ordered. It says it right here, contains human pheromones. Now, I didn’t have time to make a whole laboratory experiment or a study to see if this actually works, but I do know that it’s a great smell. Keep in mind they don’t smell like anything. Instead, its the fragrance that matters. Learn more at

First Impressions

Is this a casual or formal wear? I’m going to say casual and I’m definitely going to say romantic. It’s got pheromones in it. This is not wasting any time. This is going to have six to 10 hours so you can wear it all day. Six to 10 hours is going to be the scent life on here and we have a moderate to intense attractant strength. Now you’d have to think it would be a little intense with those human pheromones, but human pheromones don’t actually have a smell.

So, I know that it’s casual. I know it’s going to last six to 10 hours. I know that it has these sexual attractants inside, but I don’t exactly know who this is geared for. The answer is if you’re old enough to be in a relationship if you’re mature enough to be in a relationship, this is definitely the cologne for you.

How They Work

Pheromones have a positive effect on the human body in such a way that elicits a response in the mind. These effects stimulate emotions in the individual that senses them. Within the nasal cavity, the vomeronasal organ detects pheromones and sends a signal to the olfactory tract. The olfactory tract, in turn, stimulates the Hypothalamus, which in turn stimulates emotions. Thusly, pheromones energize the feeling of emotions such as trust, empathy, and affection. The use of pheromone products such as perfume oils and body sprays can increase the positive emotional reactions fell towards those that wear them.

Studies and Findings

Many studies have shown that pheromone compounds can help people gain the trust of others and can enhance the positive emotions that people feel towards the wearer. These improved social interactions can have a meaningful effect on friendships and in social gatherings, workplace, educational opportunities, and on romantic and sexual relationships. Pheromones can even promote positive self-reflection. Furthermore, there are lots of positive Nexus pheromone cologne reviews.


Nexus pheromone cologne is perfect for men who want to meet hot women who are fun and engaging. It will boost your confidence and increase their attraction towards you creating new opportunities. Check them out today.