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Alfa Maschio Pheromone Cologne Review

About Alfa Maschio

Alfa Maschio is a male pheromone that’s so robust, you will appeal to women within a 10-foot radius with just a couple sprays! It has one of the highest amounts of pheromones amongst all colognes within the marketplace. Alfa Maschio kicks competitors to the curb with eight potent pheromones guaranteed to boost your intercourse life. With this really potent formula, people will see you as a confident leader.


Alfa Maschio provides a sweet and musky smell, which is masked by a tantalizing fragrance that will make you sexually appealing. Just a couple of sprays can give you a more powerful and more rugged aura. You can be confident that each encounter with women won’t ever fail you again. Alfa Maschio is suited for males who show robust and domineering characteristics. Even though pheromones will enhance your personality, making a superb and effective first impression will certainly make the effects of this pheromone a lot more potent.


  • The cost of the product is comparable to other similar products
  • Free shipping
  • There are four scents to choose from
  • The site is attractive


  • Alpha Dream claims that each of Alfa Maschio’s ingredients is tested however they failed to provide the test results
  • Not recommended for people who are allergic to alcohol-based products

Though the cost is about the same as other pheromone products, it may not be a good investment if it didn’t work well for you.


Who says men are the only ones having problems in the dating department? The makers of Alfa Donna Pheromones understand that women too can encounter certain problems when trying to attract men, especially when there are simply too many players in the field.

This pheromone product manufactured by Alfa Dream is perfect for the ‘bad girl’ who’s out to make guys fall head over heels for her. If you’re the shy girl type, this is not the product for you, as you may become overwhelmed by the amount of masculine attention you will end up getting.

So if you want to be an alpha male, positively give this product a tryout.

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