The field of human pheromones does not have proper checks and balances, which are constituted by governmental regulations.

This has led to a lot of obfuscation of facts and misdirection created deliberately and otherwise. Beyond the clouds of doubt, below the layers of lies, there remains the unfaltering truth.

5 Pheromone Myths

I will advise you to read further to embark upon your quest to uncover the truth. And avail a wonderful chance of laying your hands on a potentially life-changing opportunity

Pheromones Are Scams

Pheromones are gimmicks indulged in, by fly by night operators out to make a quick buck. To derive proper result one has to separate the wheat from the chaff. Such a myth pervades because there is a certain amount of truth in it.

There are products which claim to have pheromones but do not have them.

Such a state of affairs prevails because, as I have mentioned earlier, proper regulations have not yet been put into place. In other words, there is nothing to stop a person from selling you a perfumed liquid saying it contains pheromones.

What you need to bear in mind is that there are altogether three human pheromones. Which are androstenone, androsterone, and androstenol. So before deciding to buy a product, just check out the ingredients on the external label.

If it has at least one of the above-named compounds then you can be assured of the authenticity. Even if other contents are listed as ‘secret’ fine. At least what you are buying contains a genuine pheromone. Human pheromones exist.

They also deliver an advantage to the user. But one should be aware of the facts and make informed decisions.

Expensive products will be of a better quality

This is entirely false. Spending more money will not guarantee anything. On the contrary, I have benefited most from androstenone additives which come in smaller bottles and are relatively cheaper.

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Androstenone is widely perceived as the most effective substance. You can also use this as a starting point, and then innovate later as you begin to gather experience.

External replenishment of pheromones is redundant

The notion that human body produces sufficient pheromones so as to render any external supplements unnecessary is wrong. Human bodies are extremely frugal in the matter of pheromone production.

Natural occurrence of pheromones is hardly noticeable. I will recommend the use of external supplements and reap the resultant benefits when science has already isolated the substance in the laboratory and enterprise has made it available in bottles at the marketplace.

Pheromones are sure shot magic potions capable of making you attractive to anybody

Although beauty, brains and wealth are universally acknowledged parameters in mate selection, everybody cannot be a George Clooney.

Conversely, you are bound to find females who do not find even George attractive.

The way human beings zero in on prospective partners depends a lot upon MCH, which is major histocompatibility complex.

Every individual has an image of his or her ideal partner in the mind. If there is a gross mismatch between you and this image, then chances are pheromones won’t take you very far. Basically, pheromones are facilitators.

They will create roaring fire from a flickering flame. But be aware of the fact that a flickering flame needs to be there for pheromones to be effective.

It has been observed that pheromones are most effective when you are meeting a person for the first time.

Pheromones are stand-alone nasal stimulants

The sense of smell does play a role in sexual chemistry according to according to pheromones in humans |

But it is not the only parameter affecting the scenario. It usually works in conjunction with other attributes. For example facial beauty, physical appearance, social status, complexion, height etc.

Pheromones are catalysts. They will provoke a reaction in presence of at least one or two other favorable attributes. So if you know that the special someone whom you wish to enamor does not think very highly of you because you do not have a good job.

Then first go and get a job and then use pheromones. This strategy will then yield the results you are craving for.