Having read a bunch of Max Attraction Gold reviews on various websites I was intrigued. There are so many claims of its strength and effectiveness…and I remember thinking to myself – “this is definitely one pheromone cologne I HAVE to try”

Here’s the thing is – there are so many pheromones colognes on the market at the moment…and it can be very difficult to know exactly which ones work best for you.


It’s also important to note that the ingredients go into pheromone colognes like Max Attraction Gold do will determine how they work on women…namely what effect the pheromones have on women. Max Attraction Gold is by no means a new kid on the block. It’s developed by Luv Essentials who are based in Florida.

The first thing that struck me was the high amount of pheromones per bottle – 17.8 milligrams. Looking closer at the ingredients I saw that there was an unusually high amount of Androstenone which works as a powerful sexual attractant.

This is My Kinda Pheromone

Max Attraction GoldAt the time of research, I was not looking for a pheromone cologne that would make my life approaching women easier.

I was looking for something that would stir up sexual emotions in them…have them thinking about what it would be like to get me into bed…that type of pheromone cologne really excited me.

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With such a high concentration of pheromones, it promises to greatly improve a man’s aura by making him appear dominant and at the same time exotic.

These characters are what make most women fall for a man.

What Are The Magic Ingredients, Then?

  •     Androstenone
  •     Androsterone
  •     Androstenol
  •     Dehydroisoandrosterone
  •     Epoxyestratrienol
  •     Tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone

It also has Oxytocin Analog mixed with SD40-B, an ethanol base. This formulation helps give the product maximum potency and the manufacturer guarantee that a single spray can last for 4 hours. Learn more about power of sex pheromones| http://pheromones-work.weebly.com/

Does Max Attraction Gold Work?

In short, yes…HELL YES

Max Attraction Gold works…and it works WELL! I’ve found it has an incredible effect on women (I’ve experienced it first hand) and seems to be a near unstoppable sexual attractant. So if you’re looking to sexually attract more women then I highly recommend you try this out.

How To Get Best Results

If you’ve had any experience with pheromones you’ll know that when you first get a new cologne it’s easy to go overboard. It’s easy to spray a crap load on yourself because you think that it’s going to work better…be more potent…and have a much more influential effect on women.

But be warned – Max Attraction Gold is badass. It’s incredibly potent so in this case, less is definitely more (which I love – because it means I get more bang for my buck!). Simply spray 1 drop when you use it. The smell isn’t great – but don’t let that put you off. It’s super effective. Just one drop can really make a huge difference in the way women see you.